Work experience

Work experience
Apr 1995 - Aug 2010

Adobe Home Restoration

Adobe Doctor

Around 150 Houses a year, works all over the state of Arizona, Started out by himself, grew by adding 3 more employees, and being a well known company to this day.

Additional Info

Adobe Doctor is a multi-faceted company, which provides piece of mind for the adobe owner. Experience since 1995. You can count on quality care for all your adobe needs while providing superior customer service. Our attention to detail and color matching is what sets us apart. • Sealing/Water Repellents • Crack Repair • Brick Repair • Deterioration Consultation • White Washing • Mortar Washing • Damage Repair • Free Evaluation & Consultation Often we find issues with Adobe and Stucco start in the roof area of a home. Too much moisture for either one of these construction types can wreak havoc on a home. In order to insure that your stucco and adobe stay as healthy as possible, we also began doing roof repair. Due to the quality of service many homeowners ask us to “just do the roof”...and there it began! So whether it be tied to your adobe or stucco problems or you just have a leak or ponding issue, we can help. Regular maintenance is key to any home and we provide Elastomeric Roof Coating services when it is time to maintain. Our products are superior, and we stand behind our work! John Schimon, MD (Mud Doctor) has been a contractor specializing in adobe repair and restoration since 1995. His company can help you troubleshoot, pinpoint and solve problem areas with your adobe home, and you can have the confidence that you are receiving this information from an experienced, licensed contractor. The proper repair & preservation of adobe can accurately be described as an art form. There are correct methods of restoration and maintenance that when properly employed will enhance and prolong the life of your adobe. There are also incorrect methods and incorrect use of repair materials that can literally spell doom for your adobe and result in the acceleration of deterioration. For example, putting a thick coat of stucco over an old mud adobe home can be among one of the poorest preservation choices you can make. Many people have done just this, believing that it will solve their severe deterioration problems when in fact it may greatly accelerate the problem. One of the most important and critical questions when it comes to evaluating sound solutions for your adobe problems is “What is causing the deterioration in the first place?” No corrective or restoration method should be initiated until this question is thoroughly answered. It is our endeavor to help you determine the “problem” and provide you with solutions to resolve the issue.


In a field which requires a unique skill set and relevant experience, the team at Adobe Doctor consistently produced quality results in adobe restoration and maintenance. Adobe Doctor's lead contractor, John Schimon, became known as the “mud doctor” over more than 15 years of specialization in the care of adobe and stucco, and his operation’s expertise ensured carefully color-matched materials and consideration for each homeowner's unique needs. With services available throughout Arizona, Tuscon-based Adobe Doctor guaranteed satisfaction with free estimates and no up-front payment.Through caring for hundreds of adobe- and stucco-constructed homes, Adobe Doctor's contractors understood the proper methods of repairing and preserving these special materials, as well as the improper methods used by others with less experience. The Tuscon-based company sought to address the root cause of any disrepair to a home in order to prevent the wrong solutions from being applied, such as simply applying a layer of stucco over the top of a mud adobe exterior. Instead of employing such one-size-fits-all fixes, the licensed team at Adobe Doctor showed homeowners how to enhance the condition of their adobe home through crack repair, ponding and leak repair, and the use of water repellents and sealants. After many clients requested special attention for the roofs of their homes, the company began another specialization in roof repair, when it employed Elastomeric Roof Coating for maintenance. With an average of 150 houses maintained or repaired every year, Adobe Doctor held membership in the National Association of the Remodeling Industry and cultivated a well-known reputation for its commitment to excellence and professionalism.


National Association of Re-modelers Institute (NARI)