Twenty years of experience nationally and internationally,  excellent management record and a great eye for balancing stakeholders’ expectations while achieving an organization’s goals with quality.


Jun 2003

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Concordia University

Specialty in Management and Communication Leadership. 




  • Analyzes multiple vendors to determine the best deals, evaluates the many pros and cons of each, negotiates based on price, quality, speed of delivery and other factors.
  • Harnessing superb decision-making  resulting from market scan, price analyses and other sources. 
  • Contracts /subcontracts analyses and renewal. 
  • Purchasing cycle of shopping carts, purchase orders in bidding in SAP system. 

Contract Management

  • Manages and initiates new services resulting in addendums. 
  • Arbitrates claims or complaints occurring under the performance of contracts.
  • Negotiates, extends, terminates, and renegotiates contracts for the acquisition of software, building leases, land development, master research or services.

Vendor Management

  • Conducts analyses of existing vendor networks to assess their capability of meeting business objectives.
  • Recommends new vendors, manages the relationship and is the point of contact.  
  • Develops and implements processes and tools for different types of contracts, risk assessments, disputes, and issue resolutions, etc.

People Management and Leadership

  • Attracts, retains, motivates, coaches and develops team members for high performance.
  • Communicates to Senior Management and Key Stakeholders.
  • Navigates politics and the “informal” organization to secure resources, collaborates and gets things done.
  • Understands the disciplines of management and sensitive to cultures. 

Lean Six Sigma Methodologies

  • Yellow Belt  coursework used for projects aimed at improving an existing business process.

Project Management

  • Project management  coursework used for monitoring and delivery techniques while achieving quality.  

Work History

Work History
Jun 2012 - Jun 2014

Industry Account Officer

King Abdullah University for Science and Technology

At King Abdullah University for Science and Technology (KAUST), my role was the Industry Account Officer in Economic Development, Research Park and Innovation Cluster (RPIC).  I managed contracts for research park tenants such as Dow Chemicals, Saudi Aramco, Sabic, Nalco and recently, Boeing.  Parts of the duties were contract analyses, negotiation and renewal process including bidding protocol.  I was involved with the IT Procurement team procuring and renewing software and licenses, that includes shopping carts, purchase orders and bidding.  While working with IT, I initiated and launched the Procurement SAP system access availability to be used by RPIC tenants.  All core labs were part of the services provided to RPIC tenants.  In addition, I launched and led new services for RPIC tenants. This role also required representing KAUST as a point of contact on all services.

Aug 2010 - Sep 2011

Acting COO Sector Service Manager

National Commercial Bank

I gained extensive knowledge while serving as a liaison between IT and the COO sector. The COO Sector Divisions include: HR Services, GRM (Risk), Legal, OCFO (Office of CFO – Bank Strategy), Compliance, Financial/Accounting, Trade, Corporate/Retail/Treasury Services, Marketing, Islamic, Treasury and Audit Divisions.  While writing Business Requirement Documents, I monitored IT services consumed by the sector to achieve targeted operating cost and met Service Level Agreements.  Also, I created and maintained a catalog of existing services offered by the organization.

Aug 2006 - Sep 2011

COO Sector Business Banking Analyst

National Commercial Bank

I was accountable for relaying information to IT, Business, PMO and Functional Management in the form of Business Requirement Documents.  I also conducted IT annual projects’ estimation of Corporate/Retail/Treasury Services Division Budget of SAR 18,000,000 (US$ 4,800,000).  I coordinated with the IBM Consultant in designing a new Business Requirement Documents template.  I completed major strategic projects: Trade Centralization Program and Payroll Automation.  The most critical projects I completed:  Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency's Anti-Money Laundry System (AML) and urgent campaigns on ATM Screens.

Jan 2004 - May 2006

Product/Procurement/Project Manager


One of the significant achievements was leading the product launch, Axcess Fleet Management, linking CDMA wireless network with GPS tracking, including a full feasibility analysis of potential industrial ventures.  I performed market research for vendor selection.  I analyzed, negotiated, developed and approved contracts on behalf of Alltel: NavTrack Fleet Mgmt.  @Road Fleet Management, Telogis OnTrack (vendors).  I communicated with vendors and internal stakeholders to drive cross-functional teams.  The product was launched on schedule.              

Mar 2003 - Jan 2004

Admissions Advisor

American Intercontinental University Online

I recruited new students to achieve budgeted goals for each term.  I specialized in and conducted product market research resulting in management considering the Middle East for online education.  Also, I communicated new strategies to executives to drive sales.

Oct 2002 - Feb 2003

Account Executive


Business to Business sales, I specialized in selling business and residential products and I offered a multi-layered security defense that incorporated the latest security technology.

May 1994 - Sep 2002

Co-Founder/Product/Procurement/Project Manager

Phone Solution

This was an entrepreneurial accomplishment.  As a Co-Founder, I developed revenue from US $0.00 - $500,000/annually.  Also, I supervised the Call Center, Sales, Vendor Management and Customer Service.  I recruited and trained new employees.  I collaborated with vendor to develop a proprietary computer system for ordering and customer service.  I developed, negotiated, managed and renewed vendor contracts.