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Adnan Mohsen Bakheet

Senior Radiation Protection Engineer


Prevention of radiation engineering term for the concept, needs and techniques and operation related to the protection of people (working in the field of radiation, the public, patients and those under for diagnosis and treatment) from the effects of ionizing radiation and non-ionizing harmful. It began the concept of radiation protection in the twentieth century after the use of X-rays in medical diagnosis and the discovery of radiation. And a specialist in radiation prevention gives advice and guidance for those working in the field of ionizing radiation and non-ionizing radiation and radioactive materials. Include radiation protection engineer practices the following areas:
1- Radiation Protection process.
2- Radiation dosimetry.
3- Methods of measurement of radiation.
4- Design and safety assessment.
5- Research.

Work experience

Feb 2014Sep 2014


Ali Reza Holding Company

A Salesman in izone store to sell the electronics such as laptops, mobiles, headphones and ...etc.


Sep 2011Sep 2015

bachelor degree in Radiation Protection Engineering.

King AbdulAziz University


Jan 2016Jan 2016

Certificate of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation 

Ideal Academy for Health Specialties  
Nov 2014Dec 2014

Economic Feasibility Study for Projects 

Deanship of community service at King Abdulaziz University

economic feasibility study for projects 


Withstand the pressures of work

Convince customers in the field of Sales