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Work experience

Classroom Leadership Experience

  • Educated students in Mathematics, English, Earth Science, Health, and Personal Skills Development
  • Utilized classroom-integrated technology and supported teachers use of technology as enthusiast on the Technology Committee
  • Authored proposals for technology acquisitions; Advanced school-wide use of technology as an administrator of school website and lobbied for technology integration as participant of the Technology Committee
  • Developed policy and constructed school culture as a leader in the Safe and Civil Schools Program and Local School Leadership Committee
  • Supported “at-risk” students by facilitating Impact Groups, teaching Saturday School and provided extended class time via Tutoring
  • Created and presented engaging lessons for various student ability groups- GATE, ESL, Special Needs, Low-income, Low-performing, etcetera
  • Facilitated the 6th grade math teachers’ Learning Team to ensure identified instructional student needs were met

Media Literacy Educator/PD Coordinator


Professional Development of Staff

  • Coordinates engaging, pedagogy-enhancing Professional Development Agendas on topics such as Response to Intervention and Instruction, Incorporating Academic Conversations and Developing Thinking through Strategic Questioning
  • Manages calendar and agendas of Common Planning Days, Faculty Meetings and Specific School Events, such as Back to School Night

Accelerated Reader Program

  • Organizes school-wide Accelerated Reader diagnostic and formative testing
  • Teaches methodology of acquiring and managing student book selections within a zone of proximal development

Website Development

  • Procures funding of technological resources, such as flash drives for each student, annual expense for the website developer, and school site licenses
  • Advances school-wide use of 21st century modes of communication as chief administrator of school website
  • Provides individual and group training on enhancement of teacher webpage and records acknowledgment for efforts toward classroom integration of technology

Premier Agenda: For College Ed

  • Lobbies successfully to leaders to implement schoolwide policy of student accountability for daily use of agenda planners
  • Trains staff in student utilization of agenda planner and strategizes promotion of goal writing and organization of agenda calendar activities

Quality Education Investment Act

  • Tracks and electronically inputs compliance hours of staff professional development and organizes corresponding documentation
  • Answers inquiries and provides information relating to completion of forms, meetings, materials and recordkeeping

Library Media Center

  • Structures, manages and promotes utilization of library media center resources
  • Allocates media budget based on objectives and goals of leadership and stakeholders
  • Instructs classes and student service workers on protocol and skills associated with organization, research and selecting appropriate media

Program Specialist

Nunn Consulting, Inc.
  • Participated in feasibility studies of non-profit agencies
  • Prepared work plans, organizational and community need assessments
  • Initiated and chaired Organizational Efficiency Committee
  • Communicated with agency program managers for development and refinement of their organizational priorities
Research Associate
  • Designed and developed primary data collection instruments
  • Collected agency records and analyzed process and outcome data
  • Conducted focus groups and analyzed qualitative data
  • Authored draft progress, summary, quarterly, and annual evaluation reports
  • Presented summary evaluation findings


Doctorate of Education

Pepperdine University

Master of Arts & Clear Multiple Subject Credential

Loyola Marymount University

Bachelor of Arts

Hampton University


Technological Skill
Microsoft Office (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.), EasyGradePro, Inspiration, iWeb, iTunes, iPhoto, Macintosh and Windows conversant  


Steven Cugley

Mitch Summer

Tara Jacob

Joseph Abney

Media Literacy Examples


Best Pedagogical Practices, Organizational Development and Leadership, Social Psychology, Philosophy

Schoolwide Communicaiton

Classroom Examples


Proactive Educator (and recently recognized Organizational Leadership Distinguished Scholar)addresses current and anticipated needs of educational organizations by connecting school research to practice. Formal education in psychology, education, organizational leadership and professional experience consulting, coordinating, and teaching is utilized to advance learning organizations.

With 10+ years of experience building capacity in educational organizations, supporting school leaders and teachers implement 21st century instructional technology, culture and communication initiatives is a passion that is leveraged to enrich the school environment and increase opportunities for all students.

Professional Development Coord.