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A smart,capable and innovative developer with an excellent track record , passionate about learning. 


Aug 2009Jun 2013

B.E , Computer Science

BMS Institute of Technology

Visvesvaraya Technological University

Jun 2008May 2009

12th Standard

Kendriya Vidyalaya Hebbal


Jun 2006May 2007

10th Standard

Kendriya Vidyalaya Hebbal


Work History

Dec 2013Present

Programmer Analyst

Cognizant Technology Solutions

I was a Core Java developer trained with enterprise frameworks such as spring,struts and hibernate. I was trained in end to end application development and web service implementation. 

Jan 2013Jul 2013

Android Developer


As an android developer at Foofys i got hands on experience with end to end Android Development having developed a few apps of my own.


  • Part of the Innovation Team at Cognizant  - Built a couple of tools that added value to the business on different technologies such as .Net, Android and Java.
  • Won the Mortgage Hackathon which was conducted at BFS Level, venue at Bagmane Tech Park
  • Won couple of Coding challenges in College including Wipro's Tech Geek Challenge, held across India.
  • Acting Team Lead at team meetings and project phases wherever need arises.
  • Scaled up to the responsibility of training freshers on technology within 4 months of joining the project.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Managing the complete sphere of applications for the client from offshore.
  • Discussing with the client directly for the issues or enhancements in the applications that i am responsible for.
  • Working with the Corporate Web Services team and the DBA team to ensure the communication is maintained and the work is completed in time.
  • Working in terms of Automation and Innovation in case too much manual work is being done in repetitive tasks.
  • Engaging in team building activities from time to time.
  • Representing my team in coding challenges and competition, having being proven a winner a couple of times.
  • Developing client relationships by providing them valuable addons that might improve their business and / or increase its scope. 
  • Responsible for training the newbies under me and incresing their stregth in the basics  of Java, Spring,Hibernate.
  • Training the whole team on the latest technologies, taking technology seminar and making sure everyone benefits from some part of it.


  • Strong technical knowledge in Core Java
  • Knowledge of Statistics basics.
  • Good experience in implementation of applications using JSP, Servlets and JDBC.
  • Strong background in OOP, Object Oriented analysis and design
  • Strong understanding of JDBC and Exception Handling
  • Good Experience in J2EE Application framework  Spring\Spring MVC , Hibernate  Frameworks.
  • Hands on Experience with Application design tools such as Eclipse, etc.
  • Hands on Experience with Relational Databases, SQL and ORM  technologies like Hibernate.
  • Good experience and implementation knowledge in Web Services(SOAP)
  • Good Experience in Scripting languages  XML, Javascript, PHP
  • Experienced in using XML\JSON for webservice calls, build scripts like Ant,maven.
  • Familiar with logging mechanisms like log4j.
  • Experienced in working on application servers such as BEA weblogic server, Tomcat Web server.
  • Good experience with code repositories like SVN, GitHub,Git


  • Experience developing Android native apps using Google Android SDK and\OR Eclipse.
  • Working on platform independent packages also such as Ionic.
  • Have developed networked applications(Web Services/REST APIs and JSON).
  • Knowledge of mobile architecture, GCM, mobile backends and the mobile development life cycle.
  • Good Experience in Product and Process-driven software development.


  • Good oral and written communications skills.
  • Good Design and documentation skills.

Projects in Android

Technologies used : Java/J2Ee/JSON/MySQL/Tomcat/Android

Worked on

  • Tabify.IT 

Basically it is a complete solution for Restaurant management system in itself. There are two parts - The Kitchen Manager and the Steward App.

Both interact with each other over wifi and produce and manage the KOT's - Kitchen Order Tickets. 

My Role : Responsible for writing the complete code on the Kitchen Manager side. Worked on real time data interaction between the both applications using web service calls and JSON interaction purely using servlets.

  • Consumer App

  Provides updates to the consumers depending on GPS position.

Responsible for developing the entire application , worked for the first time on Google Maps api . Integrated it successfully to get the msot user friendly information possibly.

Worked on notification api to give location based push notifications.

  • Field Rep App (Won CTS - BFS Hackathon)

  Helps the representative collect data in mobile and avoid paper work and the middle men.

Worked on the complete application. Integrated Camera api and Google Maps api together. Realtime notifications  for the field representative.

Projects in Web

Technologies used : Java, J2EE, Spring, Spring MVC,Hibernate, REST, SOAP,Oracle

  • DB2-Oracle Migration 

    Worked on multiple Mortgage applications built purely on Spring,Struts and Hibernate to get a clear understanding of the underlaying architecture.

Exposed to the complete application development cycle and the migration of application since its inception to development to QA to Stage and the Prod numerous times.

Responsible for to maintain and enhance multiple legacy applications , interacting directly with the client to get the best possible output.

Experience with working on pure Java changes that are required wherever there is break in the flow due to the modifcations

  • IDV DBM Tool Development

An innovation tool to improve the efficiency of BPO workforce by elimination most of the manual repetitive work.
It was a middleware between endusers and the Oracle db.

Responsible for developing the entire application single handedly.

The most interesting thing bout this application was that i used to save the state of the web application interface with coded values that i used to generate based on the percentage of the form that was filled out.

  • Arrow Automated QA Tool Development (Java/Maven)

An innovation tool to improve the efficiency of QA workforce and ensure the availibility of applications and also ensure the reduction of repetitive manual labour.

Worked on pure Core Java with concepts like Reflection api and also used Spring dependencies to read the externally written scritps to be dynamically incorporated into the system.

Developed a flexible framework and property file language which allows developer to write a selenium testcase quickly and test without knowing the selenium language.


  • Participating in Hackathons and Coding challenges
  • Giving presentations
  • Motivating Others
  • Team Building
  • Problem Solving
  • Innovation
  • Alternative Thinking