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Master in Computer Science, GPA: 3.7/4

University of Missouri - St. Louis, USA
  • Thesis - Efficient Reduced-Bias Genetic Algorithm for Generic Community Detection Objective
  • Coursework -  Programming Languages, Machine Learning, Advanced iOS Programming , Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms, Intro to Evolutionary Computing, Software Engineering, Operating Systems, Advanced Genetic Programming, Computer Systems, Biological Data Science.

Bachelor in Computer Science and Engineering, GPA: 8.62/10

Vellore Institute of Technology, Chennai, India

Coursework - Data Structures, Algorithms, SQL/No-SQL Databases, Software Engineering, Operating Systems

Work Experience


Graduate Research Assistant

Climer Research Lab, University of Missouri - St. Louis

Developed a novel Genetic Algorithm framework for clustering of networks with more than 5 million nodes. Optimized memory usage by using 3-Dimensional Bit Array container. This project is carried out in collaboration with Oak Ridge National Lab by using NVIDIA Titan's resources for computation of huge datasets. 


Graduate Teaching Assistant

Mathematics and Computer Science Dept., University of Missouri - St. Louis

TA for iOS Programming(CS4220) : 

  • Tutoring sessions, grading projects
  • Designed course material (quiz and assignments) for the semester.

Software Developer Intern

Inwhizz Innovations Pvt Ltd, Hubli, India
  • Implemented Radius search for marking nearest paying guest houses based on the relative distance to user using GoogleMapsAPI for Android Application.
  • Notification Console was developed for management of clients, connecting and shooting updates and recent changes.
  • "MakeMeFit" - a fitness based app developed as a part of the Fitness Health Campaign, reminding users to drink water at regular intervals, emergency help and notifying nearest hospitals on emergency situations. 


C++/Python/Shell Scripting/Java

Programming Languages


Web Programming Languages




App Development


Object Oriented Design, Web Services, SOA, REST APIs, Windows, Linux, Git, cPanel, Wireshark, VirtualBox, Vagrant, Photoshop, CorelDraw, Dreamweaver, vi/vim, tmux, AWS, DigitalOcean, WordPress, Moodle, Android, IBM DB2, Genetic Programming, Machine Learning, XCode, Docker, PubNub, IBM Bluemix, IoT, RaspberryPi.



Efficient Reduced-Bias Genetic Algorithm for Generic Community Detection Objectives (Thesis)

Climer Lab at University of Missouri St. Louis and Oak Ridge National Lab

The algorithm is a framework to detect communities for complex biological networks eliminating  linear ordering assumption. It is flexible as any novel community detection technique aimed at maximizing the value of any given mathematical objective for the network can be used. We use tournament selection with elitism.



Team Size : 6

Eventzé is a simple and efficient way to manage your college fest. It covers all aspects of organizing a college fest from registrations to sale of merchandise to book-keeping. It is capable of creating detailed records to provide a complete overall analysis of a college fest. In simple words it is all you need to host a fest successfully. 

Realtime project with currently more than 6 universities deployed for managing their technical and cultural festivals. 

  • Online payment gateway integration using OOP based external Gateway (Instamojo) Library. 
  • Ruby fashioned custom log files for CodeIgniter.
  • DigitalOcean REST API wrapper library for CodeIgniter for Domain Management.
  • Custom shell scripts for monitoring disk space - notifying via email for over 80% usage, cron jobs for shooting emails.
  • Developed Job Scheduler for CodeIgniter for handling emails jobs in queue.
  • Developed a wrapper for DNS Record Management utilizing  DigitalOcean API.
  • Converted Native Instamojo Payment Gateway Library from PHP to CodeIgniter library. 
  • Languages : PHP(CodeIgniter Framework)(Backend REST API), Shell Scripting, AJAX, JS, ReactJS.
  • URL :

2-Dimensional EnvMapping Bot

Team size: 2

This project was developed as a part of Bachelors degree requirement, a prototype of Raspberry Pi based wirelessly controlled robot that can sweep any environment which is not physically accessible to humans and generates a blueprint on the fly. Inspiration and the idea to develop this project was taken from Google's Project Tango.

  • Languages used : Python, Python's Turtle library.    
  • Hardware: Raspberry Pi 2, sonar sensor, camera, motor and Wifi technology.

Semantic Device Review Analyzer

Team Size : 2

An NLP based Device Review System basically provides, gathers and collects the reviews from other sites and from users, mapping the unstructured data(words) to reviews points. First is the unstructured data(words) mapped to star ratings, semi-structured data where the word(sentimental words) are mapped to the weighted word database. Unknown words(sentimental) are scraped from Google and using synonyms and antonyms the corresponding sentimental words are mapped and inserted into the database. The third phase involves scraping review text from e-commerce sites and aggregating them using NLP techniques.

  • Languages : BOOTSTRAP, HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, cURL Library and NLP Parser, Database: MySQL.



Transmission in Benes Network

Team Size : 6

Co-authored the Paper under the supervision of Dr.IndraRaj Singh, the paper reduces the time to find shortest distance between two vertices in a special networks classified as Benes Networks. This network provides high system throughput, low end-to-end packet delay, eliminate the need to employ exuberant switches and routers in Data centers. Has been published in International Journal for Pure and Applied Mathematics (IJPAM). e-copy : | git :