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Software Engineer at Tesla Inc.  with 5+ years of experience in Computer Science and Information Technology, also recognized as top performer for four consecutive years at Tata Consultancy Services. Skilled in Microsoft Technology stack and several client side technology/scripting. Can quickly learn and adapt to agile needs.

Work experience


Software Engineer


At Tesla, I am responsible for enhancing an d developing a large scale internal ERP application that helps move inventory across Tesla service centers and distribution network. The huge supply chain system is a home grown application at Tesla which is continuously evolving.


IT Analyst

Tata Consultancy Services
  • Analyze Business requirements and suggest/develop scalable Web Applications 
  • Enable Process driven development and improve existing applications for reliability
  • Team building and enabling onshore-offshore business model
  • Execute project using Agile Methodology
  • Continuous learning and contributing to organization goal for Digital Transformation
  • Training fellow associates and enriching organization's culture

Intern - Software Developer

TruTech Technology
  • Develop Application for gesture enabled platforms and devices (Microsoft Kinect, Leap Motion)
  • Build and improve User Interface, Experience for Windows desktop and native application
  • Review peer code and implement parallel components under strict deadlines



Bachelor's of Computer Engineering

Terna Engineering College

At Terna Engineering College, I completed my Bachelors in Computer Engineering. This course included courses related to Data Structures and Files, Data Warehouse and Mining, Computer Networks, Computer Organization and Architecture, Advanced Database Management Systems, Object Oriented Software Engineering, Web Engineering, System Programming and Compiler, Construction, Digital Signal and Image Processing, Robotics and AI, Theory of Computer Science, Computer Graphics, Operating System

I opted for electives in e-Commerce and Human Computer Interactions to better understand the end user needs.



JetStream Web Application

Tata Consultancy Services

Jetstream is a web based, application designed to support decision making when planning an “Optimal Journey”, balancing both the client’s requirements and our own priorities and knowledge.

With this transparent rate and routing structure JetStream also helps to build a stronger position when negotiating with airlines, as global rate and service comparisons are much easier to draw. In addition, an inbuilt rating structure helps to identify the best choice on carrier, timeline and/or costs.

Tech stack: C#.NET, Web API, SQL Server, 2016, JavaScript, AngularJS (NodeJS, Gulp,etc.), Angular 6, Entity Framework, LINQ, Bootstrap, Java


Web 6 eCommerce Application

Tata Consultancy services

Web6 is an eCommerce application using which the end user in hospitals, clinics, and physicians can place an order for specialty drugs. This application validates processes and fulfills orders placed. The project maintains the eCommerce portals for the three business divisions. It includes maintaining the existing functionalities, developing and integrating new functionalities and operational monitoring and management of the system

Tech stack: C#.NET, WCF, Web API, SQL Server, 2014, SharePoint, JavaScript, jQuery, Entity Framework 6.0, LINQ


Web7 eCommerce Application

Tata Consultancy services

Web7 is the re-write in MVC of the existing Web6 application. The front end for the current Web6 application is hosted in SharePoint. Web7 aims at redesigning the front-end using ASP.Net MVC 5.0 framework. This includes implementing the functionalities that exist in the current Web6 platform and migrating the CMS to Kentico, enhancing the User experience, making the site more intuitive and responsive and implementing new enhancements. 

Tech stack: C#.NET, ASP .Net MVC 5.0, Bootstrap, HTML5, WCF, Web API, SQL Server 2014, ASP.Net, SharePoint, TypeScript, JavaScript, jQuery, Kentico


Scorecard Application

Tata Consultancy services

Scorecard is an in-house application developed for the evaluation of Customer Service Representatives (CSR). The CSRs belong to different divisions and are evaluated on different parameters depending on the area they cater to. Trainers and Supervisors can use the application to input CSR data inputs. The application also presents graphical representations of the data using charts and diagrams which are used the Managers, Executive, and Admins.

Tech stack: C#.NET, ASP .Net MVC 4.0, Bootstrap, HTML5, SQL Server 2014, ASP.Net, SharePoint, JavaScript, jQuery


The Fluid Motion

Trutech Technologies

At Trutech, the mission was to make cutting edge technology which is intuitive and accessible. With my experience as an intern, I worked on the Fluid Motion project to enabled applications like touch less boardrooms, hardware controls, Operating system controls, 3D Image gallery, and gaming to be controlled by gestures. The project involved good decision making and efforts for creating seamless efforts to make gesture making a reality.

Tech stack: C#, LINQ, socket programming