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Dedicated and strategic thinking professional with ~3 years of rich experience in analytics and decision sciences. Motivated to succeed in a stimulating and challenging environment, building the success of the team and company while experiencing career growth

Work experience

Nov 2014Nov 2015

Senior Business Analyst

Flipkart Internet Pvt. Ltd. , Bangalore, India

Flipkart is a leading retail eCommerce player in India (

Customer Experience Analytics Team

Return & Refund Analytics

  • Designed the refunds process to measure the efficiency of refunds in terms of TAT, success rate and customer experience for all the payment modes
  • Instrumented the key performance metrics for continuous measurement of IMPS effectiveness on refunds process efficiency and TAT, which resulted in refunds NPS improvement by~ 30%
  • Designed and implemented various customer friendly returns policies  

Net Promoter Score modeling

  • Developed a multi-linear regression model for explaining and predicting NPS leading to an increase by 5%
  • Performed sentiment analysis by modeling a boosted decision tree. It helped identify a customer's propensity to be a promoter or demoter
  • Performed text mining to improve service by understanding customers comments

Big Data Platform implementation

  • Managed a team of analysts/engineers to ensure the ingestion and consumption of customer experience and support data using a proprietary analytics platform

CXO Dashboard

  • Developed a one-view dashboard for Senior Management covering key L1 corporate metrics

Customer Policies

  • Performed analytical work on various polices to remove bottlenecks from customers’ journey e.g. speedy refund in case of fake products

Management Analytics Team

Perfect Order

  • Planned, implemented and executed an inside out metric for CEO, COO and the key holders to review the company's performance
  • Instrumented the metric to provide visibility to top management about the key drivers of imperfect orders

Manpower Planning

  • Built a predictive time series model to predict the customer contact points per unit bought

Jul 2014Oct 2014

Senior Business Analyst

Mu Sigma, Bangalore, India

Mu Sigma is a leading provider of Big Data and analytics solutions for Fortune 500 organizations, helping them institutionalize data-driven decision making (

Client : Multi national Computer technology company

Sales and Revenue forecast

  • Forecasted buyers and revenue to help the country teams of a leading technology client to strategically plan their sales and marketing activities

Computation of buying power

  • Developed a methodology to estimate the buying power of various customers of a technology company to identify the valuable customers
Feb 2013Jun 2014

Business Analyst

Mu Sigma, Bangalore, India

Mu Sigma is a leading provider of Big Data and analytics solutions for Fortune 500 organizations, helping them institutionalize data-driven decision making (

Client : World's largest low-cost carrier, major US airline

Customer Attrition

  •  Identified the key metrics responsible for the retention of valuable and profitable customers
  • Developed a framework for a leading American airline to identify [email protected] Risk of attrition

Impact measurement

  • Analyzed the impact of introducing fleet modernization on customer experience
  • Created an info graphic to represent the solution to the major stakeholders

Customer Experience evaluation

  • Helped the Customer Insights team manage customer expectations and provide better in-flight Wi-Fi services through a cost effective contract
  • Analyzed customer feedback, system performance and social media activity to build a robust and consistent Customer Experience score


Technical skills

  • SAS
  • R
  • SQL
  • Python
  • Graphlab
  • Qlikview
  • Regression
  • Clustering
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • NLP
  • Text mining
  • Time series
  • Decision tree model
  • C5.0

Extra curricular activities

  • Core member of Women in Technology (WIT) in Flipkart
  • Initiated "Connect" to promote women leadership in organizations and offer them ongoing inspiration
  • Mentored team members in various projects
  • Worked with Mu Sigma training cell to teach SAS and R to interns
  • Core member of marketing teams in college fests


  • Received a certificate of appreciation from Mu Sigma for gaining client confidence within a short span of time and creating a learning environment within the team
  • Ranked second in Engineering batch
  • Awarded scholarship by DAAD to undergo college training in Europe
  • Scored 100% in 3rd semester of college

Personal Infomation

Nationality : Indian

Resident of Dubai

Date of birth : October 17, 1989

Languages known : English, Hindi