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I am a sophomore at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia. I plan to major in Finance or Economics and plan to pursue a career in Finance. I am a recent graduate of Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (TJ). It gives me great pleasure to say that over the past four years, I have engaged in various research projects both in and out of school. These projects have helped me understand the importance of perseverance and data analysis.


My interest is to gain experience by getting exposed to the methods followed at a professional financial firm.  As a potential Finance major, I would like to enhance my understanding of this vast field beyond the classroom through hands-on experience. With such an opportunity, I will consider it my duty and obligation to contribute as much as possible to the body of knowledge at the firm. 



  • Member of Executive Board of The William and Mary Economics Club, W&M, 2012-present
  • Tour Manager of The Christopher Wren Singers, W&M, 2012-present
    • Manage a $2,000 budget to organize performances throughout the Mid-Atlantic
  • South Asian Student Association (SASA), W&M, 2011-present
  • Treasurer of TJ Choir, TJHSST, 2010-2011
  • Tri-Chair of ManChoir, a Men's a Capella group, TJHSST, 2009 - 2011
  • Member of National Honor Society, Challenger Chapter, TJHSST, 2009
  • Points of Light Leadership Institute Scholar and Finance Manager, Fairfax County, VA, 2008


  • Member of prestigious Christopher Wren Singers, W&M, 2011-present
  • Lead Actor and Singer in Musicals, TJHSST, 2008 - 2011
  • Lead Singer at International Night, TJHSST, 2008 -2011(Video is embedded on the "Interests" sidebar)
  • Piano - Played at the Kennedy Center, Washington DC to a private audience


  • Georgetown University Hospital Volunteer, 2010-2011
  • Reston Hospital Volunteer, 2010
  • Co-Organizer, Volunteer, and Finance Manager, Volunteer Fairfax, Fairfax County, VA, 2008
  • Group Leader, Relay for Life, American Cancer Society, 2008-2011
  • Volunteer, Tutoring Service, Annandale, VA 2008-2011
  • Co-Organizer, Walk for the Homeless, Falls Church, 2007


Work experience


TJHSST - Research Project

The purpose of this activity was to build a robot that would successfully maneuver itself through a complex maze, while making sure it gathers as many points as possible along the way. The robot was an electro-mechanical device with an innovative and original design. The intelligence to navigate the maze was built into the robot using a logical algorithm which was implemented using the programming language, BASIC.

Aug 2009Present

Obstructive Sleep Apnea Screening

William Harvey Hospital, Ashford

I have always been interested in gaining a global view of medicine, and last summer I applied to internships overseas, and was thrilled to be accepted at the William Harvey Hospital in Kent, UK. In this program, I rotated through various departments including the Cardiac Care Unit, Respiratory medicine, Radiology and Microbiology. I had the opportunity to observe endoscopy, bronchoscopy, MRI, nuclear scans, ECG and a host of other procedures and techniques. I shadowed the doctors at the sleep clinic and conducted a research study on obstructive sleep apnea diagnosis.

May 2012Aug 2012

Student Intern

Howard Hughes: Janelia Farm Research Campus

The goal of this project is to identify the function in behavior of several classes of interneurons that were shown (using electron microscopy) to be directly connected to class IV (pain-sensing) neurons. The project I worked on specifically dealt with the larval response to pain.I worked with 50 selected lines (different neuronal pathways in the CNS). Each effector was used to activate or inactivate the neurons in that line before studying the larval response to somatosensory stimuli. We observed a significant reduction in rolling in response to noxious stimuli compared to controls when we inactivated  the nociceptive Class IV neurons.
Jun 2010Sep 2010

Research Volunteer

National Institutes of Mental Health

I worked at the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) in the Laboratory of Molecular Pathophysiology (LMP). The researchers in this laboratory are studying the neurobiology of mood regulation, the pathophysiology of mood disorders, and the therapeutic mechanisms of mood stabilizers and antidepressants. As a research student, I prepared protein samples for immunoblotting, and contributed to a project that is examining the therapeutic potential of blocking apoptotic pathways to develop novel antidepressant treatments. My technical support is noted in the Acknowledgements section of "Targeting the BH3-interacting domain death agonist to develop mechanistically unique antidepressants", which has been recently accepted by Molecular Psychiatry.

Awards and Recognitions



Aug 2011Present

Bachelors of Business Administration

The College of William and Mary


Semester III (pending)


Organic Chemistry II

Social Problems


Scottish Literature

Semester IV (upcoming)

Intermediate Microeconomics


Principles of Accounting

American History since 1877

Semester II 

Biology II

Organic Chemistry I

Natural Psychology


Semester I

Calculus I

Biology I

Chemistry I

Freshman Seminar: Emerging Diseases


Java Programming
Microsoft Office Applications
Volunteer Activities


President's Award

May 2007

American Thoracic Society

May 2010

Third Place Award at VJAS

May 2009