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Seeking challenging assignments in Software Development with an organization of repute.

Work History

Jan 2016Present

Software Engineer




It's a web application developed in Django for a security based company. It serves as a automation tool for them as it filters out the malicious url ,  files and hash-codes by checking those under the public API of virus-total and providing the required excel files as output according to their storage format thus saving a ton of manual work.

Role: Developer                                                           Team Size: 2

Language & Frameworks : Django


Code Review Automation Tool

The project was basically an implementation of an automation idea proposed by the dev. team to reduce the time and the effort while moving the code into production, this tool automatically generates the code review excel sheet according to the code by using reg-exes and . The whole tool is developed in Python and being used as an application within the project.

Role: Python Developer                                               Team Size: 3

Optimization of Routing Protocol using Evolutionary Algorithm

This was a research based project which is based solving the routing problem in a huge network with the help of Evolutionary algorithms as by providing the optimal route to destination consisting of huge no. of nodes.

Role : Developer(Matlab)                                          Team Size :2

Skill Set

- Python(proficient),  C/C++,  Assembly , COBOL,  JCL, Core Jave

- MongoDB(proficient),  MySQL

- Docker, Django, Celery, RabbitMq


  • Learning new stuff doesn't matter whether it is relevant or not.

  • Keep myself updated with new stuff in Technology so that i won't have to reinvent the wheel while doing some new stuff.