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Work experience

General Nutrition Center (current)

As a Sales Associate, My responsibilities are to keep the customers up to date with all promotions and advertisements. To assist in merchandising, housekeeping, and maintaining the display of merchandise and floor moves. replenish merchandise and monitors the floor stock. Help customers locate particular merchandise in the store. Answer any questions customer may have, give guide and advice to customer's personal goal. Answer phone calls to customers in a professional manner. Also to concerned about customers related issues and ensuring quality standards, customer service and health and safety handling of queries and complaints.

Cashier At Picknsave

Hayat Pharmacy

Hayat pharmacy-Milwaukee, WI-Well trained to become a pharmacy technician. The company trained me and had me working side by side with pharmacists and other pharmacy technicians. Worked inside the pharmacy filling prescriptions at a fast rate, and also worked inside the office of the pharmacy as a customer representative. My job was answering the phones and requesting patients prescriptions to be filled in a timely manner. Also my responsibility was to make sure I help every customer within a certain time, and make sure every customer that calls the pharmacy is answered professionally at a very fast pace. I was trained to many different jobs around the pharmacy, including data entry, filling prescriptions checking patients out, answering phone calls, entering requests and so on. Cashier at _ Oak Creek, WI-Worked upfront as a cashier, serving customers, and also worked in the liquor department. Helped customers select products that best fit their personal needs. Processed an average Numbers of transactions each day in a timely manner. Offered exceptional customer service to differentiate and promote the company brand. Maintained visually appealing and effective displays for the entire store.


liberal Arts



Reliable, friendly, quick learner, and masters new concepts and skills. Outgoing, detailed-oriented handles multiple responsibilities simultaneously while providing exceptional customer service. Makes sure the job is done well, will ask questions if needed to get the job well done. Service-focused professional and friendly team player with a talent for building productive working relationships. Extensive cash handling experience.
Rehabilitation centre
Communication Skills
 Customer Service Assistant dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service. Outgoing, and efficient with the capacity to multi-task.