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Adhiragni Roy

CSE, 8th Semester Graduate

  • Block - 8, 302, Heritage Estate, Yelahanka, Bangalore - 560064
  • +91 - 8951931996


To attain a position in software development or financial field  to contribute my knowledge, skills and experience for the advancement of the company while studying and making myself grow with the company.


Work Experience

Intern at Aapah Innovations

Currently learning and working on fundamentals of image processing. We have ongoing projects involving automatic number detection, neural networks, sensor fusion, IR image classification.
Using C++ and classification algorithms to get hands-on exposure to learn this domain by assigning few real life challenges.
Project is partially based on the following:
1. Artificial Neural Network
2. CIFAR-10 dataset which consists of 60000 32x32 images in 10 classes, with 6000 images for each class.
3. MNIST data 

Intern at HCL Technologies, Bangalore

Worked at an intern in  HCL SEZ Bangalore  as  SAP trainee for 7 weeks concentrating on SAP R/3, different modules, RICEFW, BI, NetWeaver and HANA under the guidance of a mentor.



2014till date

Bachelor of Engineering, 8th Semester

Visvesvaraya Technological University

Average score of 61.3% percentile in seven semesters. Completed all examinations.


Higher Secondary

CBSE - Kendriya Vidyalaya No.1 Jalahalli West, Bangalore, Karnataka

Scored 78.5% percentile in HSC.

Was awarded Best Student of the Year in 10+1 and appointed as school Vice-Captain in year 2012-2013. 



CBSE -  Kendriya Vidyalaya No.1 Faridabad, Haryana

Scored 9.2 CGPA in SSLC.

Projects Undertaken


Cloud Solitude

Cloud Security Ecosystem for Data Security and Privacy

A Hybrid Cryptographic System (HCS) that combines the benefits of both symmetric and asymmetric encryption. The system also makes use of certain hashing and salting techniques which even strengthens the entire encryption process. 

It combines the speed of One-Key encryption and decryption along with the security that the Public-Private Key pair provides and thus considered a highly secure type of encryption.

We encrypt the data using a Symmetric Key which will be then encrypted with the Private Key of the sender or the Public Key of the receiver. To decrypt, the receiver, will have to first decrypt the Symmetric key using the corresponding Asymmetric Key and then use that Symmetric Key to decrypt the data they received.


Castle Byres

Computer Graphics using Visual Studio

The main objective of the program is to demonstrate a Castle named Castle Byres in OpenGL. The project includes three dimensional castle made from Display List with light manipulations.

This project also demonstrates water simulation of a fountain with a specified speed at a specific angle and user can change the colour of the water using sub-menus provided on click of left button of any mouse.

The project also consists of four animated three dimensional characters that projects crude implementation of rotating them in response to movements of mouse or trackpad.



Eco friendly bot

Envy 1.0 and Envy 2.0 are two droids designed and developed by my team of 4 people.

Envy 1.0 was developed for 48 hour NASA SpaceApps Hackathon at SAP Labs in Bangalore. Envy 1.0's objective was to explore remote places across the globe for places that can be life sustainable.  It has a camera to control and record the surroundings and measure datas like temperature, humidity, area etc of the defined area.

Envy 2.0 was developed for 24 hour Hackathon at Reva University. We combined Envy 1.0 and an Image Processing app that can detect objects and define them. Worked with Raspberry Pi 3 and Arduino Uno.


College Bound

Android Application

Developed an Android App with team size of 2 people which provides a platform for interaction between professors and students of an institution where they can IM,question their doubts and distribute notes. 

Using the following languages Java, XML, PHP, SQL Queries.



Entrepreneurial Start up

Initiated a start up with 3 people who were passionate about photography where we served creative photographs to our clients. Designed a website for the company.


Product Count

NetBeans application

Developed an application individually using NetBeans IDE and MySQL that keeps record of products of a manufacturing company on a monthly basis and also calculates the profit and loss made in a month.


Natural Air Conditioner

Green Energy Appliance

Using the geothermal properties of Earth developed an Air Conditioner  which is eco - friendly, non - polluting and highly efficient.

Grabbed 3rd position in Regional Level(North) Green Energy Exhibition.

Participated in Jawaharlal Nehru National Science Exhibition cum competition 


  • 2 Day Workshop on Robotics by SakRobotics Lab Pvt. Ltd. held at Reva University. 
  • 2 Day Seminar on Natural Language Processing. Focused on speech processing and recognition, morphological segmentation and parts-of-speech tagging held at Reva University.
  • 2 Day Workshop on Cloud Computing, GitHub, Php, NodeJs and Python by Rockstat Bangalore held at BMSIT.
  • 2 Day Workshop on Android App Development held by IIT Madras and Wingfotech  held at Reva University.
  • 3 Day Workshop on device repairing and service conducted by Skill Development by Government of India.

Personal Details

Date of Birth: 30th January 1996

Marital Status: Single

Passport: Available

Languages Known: English, Hindi and Bengali

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I hereby declare that the information furnished above is true to the best of my knowledge.