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An enthusiastic student of Mechanical Engineering with various Engineering skills as well as Management skills. I am a person with new ideas and I possess very good Marketing skills as I have worked behind the screens for various college events. I can lead a team , be a part of a team and contribute to the team.I think out of the box and can come up with different solutions for arising complications and problems.


Aug 2012Jul 2016

B.E.Mechanical Engineering

Sri Krishna College Of Engineering and Technology

I pursued this course, that enhances my skills in the field of Mechanical Engineering and embellishes my overall development. The college also provides a lot of opportunity  for enhancing various skills besides engineering.

Career Objective

To work in pragmatic way in an organization where, I can show my talent and enhance my skills to meet company goals and objective with full integrity and zest.

Work History


Mechanical Engineering Reviwer

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I review different questions and problems created in the field of Mechanical Engineering for different publishers like McGraw-Hill.

Job Floor Mechanic

Chandra Hyundai

I assisted the head mechanics in the job floor of Chandra Hyundai service station.


Automobile Engineering

I have attended various workshops, researched and acquired a lot of skills related to the field of Automobile Engineering.


I am very good at leading a team.I have lead a team of five as the leader of the Engine Crew in my college Formula Student team .

Communication skills

I have a very good command over English and I possess very good communication skills.

Mangement and Organisation

Being a student of Engineering I have developed these skills . I can manage and handle things really well and organizing is something I m good at.


I am very good at marketing. I hold a certificate for "Best Marketing Manger"

Problem Solving

I have the ability to think out of the box and derive solutions to complicated situations.


I can think in a lot of dimensions and come up with different ideas when needed


  • Social Responsibility

Took part in various rallies and social campaigns for  betterment of  society.

  • Marketing

Promoted the department symposium with a bunch of students and worked behind the screens. I also hold an award for being the 'Best Marketing Manager'.

  • Project Management

Supervised a team of five, to ensure projects stayed on track and were delivered under-budget.

  • Quality Assurance

Eliminated machine defects.

  • Supervision

Supervised and maintained [people, processes, procedures to ensure positive results.

About me

I am a person with a lot of hopes,dreams and desires. The one person that I envy is Steve Jobs . He has always been my inspiration. The way he does things has always fascinated me. I am an Automobile enthusiast  and a tech-savy person. I Youtube a lot and read a lot of blogs,  that is how I keep myself updated about the the latest technological advancements. With regard to sports,  I play Tennis, Football and I am also fond of swimming.

Areas Of Inerest

  • Automobile Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Marketting
  • Management
  • Business development 
  • Mobility
  • Motor sports Engineering



G-12, Galaxy, Parsn Sesh Nestle,

Nanjundapuram road,




Pincode :641036


I hereby declare that all the information furnished above are true to my knowledge.