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currently an undergraduate student in University of Ahlia pursuing a double major bachelor's degree in Management and Marketing .
 I am currently working as a "Marketing Team Leader and Middle Manager" as well as "National conference + Youth Speak Sales, Finance and Logistics Organizing Committee Team Member"  in AIESEC in Bahrain local committee Muharraq.
hard working, loyal, passionate, proactive, adaptive and open person with undying drive for learning, Volunteering and leveling up.

Work experience

Mar 2016Apr 2016

National conference + Youth Speak Sales, Finance and Logistics Oraganizing Commitee Team Member

AIESEC in Bahrain 

Responsibilities Include:
1) Securing venue for the forum
2) Securing financial sponsorship for Youth Speak
3) Securing catering for national conference
4) Securing Logistics for Youth Speak
5) Supporting team members and vice presidents from other functions whenever possible
6) Collecting Fees for the forum and for national conference
7) Promoting youth speak to universities, School and Businesses

Feb 2016Mar 2016

Youth Speak Marketing Organising Commitee Team Memeber

AIESEC in Bahrain 

Responsibilities include:
1) Assisting in executing marketing plan for the forum as well as 10th anniversary campaign
2) Tabling before forum
3) Forum Documentation
4) Attending organizing committee meetings
5) Working with other organizing committee vice presidents when necessary
6) Assisting other function whenever possible
7) collecting Fees for the forum
8) promoting Youth speak in universities
9) Promoting AIESEC all over the country

Feb 2016May 2016

Marketing Team Leader and Middle Manage

AIESEC in Bahrain 

Duties include :

1) Managing, leading marketing, innovating events and activities directed to the public and university markets

2) Establishing and maintain a good relationship with our markets (students and officials). Marketing development manager should create and promote content for all AIESEC programs.

3) Promoting Global Citizen project and AIESEC on university campuses and off campus

4) Getting Applicants for Membership

5) Formulating promotional strategies

6) supporting other functions by bringing in applicants

7) Designing posters for marketing campaigns

8) Training and leading team for Marketing events

9) Managing team and ensuring they get an amazing experience

10) Being a Proxy to the Vice president when he is unavailable

11) Conducting weekly meeting(s) and working hours to update team members about work 

12) Attending weekly meeting(s) with Vice president when needed to continue on formulating strategies preparing for events and updating Vice president about team members productivity

Currently in this position performing these duties.

Jan 2016Feb 2016

Interns Manager

AIESEC in Bahrain 

Interns manager responsibilities include:
1) Reception
2) Servicing (informing interns about country, projects, culture ect in and supporting them as much as possible and ensuring their safety )
3) Transportation of the interns
4) Handling Visa process
5) preparing daily and weekly schedule for interns

May 2015Jan 2016

Translator and promotional assistant

Yasmine cosmetics (productive families)

1)Translate Advertisements form Arabic to English

2) create Promotional Adds for cosmetics

3) Make labels for cosmetics

Had to translate 47 advertisements and product description labels,

  Finished before the deadline by two weeks giving out output at higher quality than expected thus delighting costumer

Nov 2015Jan 2016

Marketing Development Manager

AIESEC in Bahrain 

Duties include :
1) Managing, leading marketing, innovating events and activities directed to the public and university markets
2) Establishing and maintain a good relationship with our markets (students and officials).
Marketing development manager should create and promote content for all AIESEC programs.
3) Promoting Leap project on university campuses and off campus
4) Formulating promotional strategies
5) supporting other functions by bringing in applicants
6) Designing posters for marketing campaigns

Nov 2015Dec 2015

Recruitment Organizing committee Team Member

AIESEC in Bahrain 

The Organizing committee team members have too support each other in:
1) promoting AIESEC on university campus to recruit new members
2) make sure that registration process goes smoothly
3) Check and prepare logistics
4) Report to organizing committee president
5) conduct interviews
6) Prepare and set the venue for Induction seminar
7)Provide support to the facilitation team
8) Make sure all sessions go as planned

Sep 2015Nov 2015

Matching and Management coordinator:

AIESEC in Bahrain 

Matching and Management coordinator is responsible for :
1) Promoting local project(s) on the AIESEC communication platform
2) Interviewing
3) Matching
4) Reception
5) Servicing (informing interns about country, projects, culture ect in and supporting them as much as possible and ensuring their safety )
6) Transportation of the interns
7) Handling Visa process
Matching and Management coordinators make sure that the interns have the best experience possible in Bahrain.

Oct 2014Nov 2014

Freelance Translator


Duties included:

1) Fixing grammar mistakes in the document

2)Translating from Arabic to English

3) improve on the design whenever possible

50 word pages Translation from Arabic to English

Deadline was November-15-2014, finished the work on November-15- 2014

Customer was satisfied with the output.

May 2012Jul 2012

Sales assistant:

Shahdi electronics

Tasks included:

1) Customer service

2) presenting and selling products

processes went smoothly with no problems

May 2010Jun 2010

 Tailor assistant and disciple

Mohamed Ibrahim tailoring

Responsibilities included:

1)Assist In tailoring clothes ( simple fixes)

2)  delivery for customers, buy needed supplies from suppliers, collect receivables, buy food if guests arrive

6) watch and learn and implement tailoring techniques                 

8) public relations between the shop customers and partner shops )

9) customer service and customer satisfying

Employer was delighted with passion and energy that was put into the tasks and their results


Sep 2014May 2018

Management and Marketing ( undergraduate double major)

Ahlia University 

Currently in Ahlia university Pursuing the undergraduate Major

Current Cumulative GPA - 3.45

President of Psychology Club

Sep 2012Jun 2013

High school  Cambridge As-level

Al-Noor international School 

Subjects studied:
1) chemistry
2) Biology
3) Physics
4) English language

Activities and Societies: 

Joined basketball school team - athletics school team

Sep 2007Jun 2012

IGSCE Edexcel o-levels

Sacred Heart School 

Middle School to First year High School IGCSE O-levels.

from 7th grade - 11th grade ( system had 13 grades at that time)

Subjects studied :
1) Maths
2) Physics
6)Arabic first language
7)Religious studies
8)English Language
9)English Literature

Activities and Societies: 

Participated in Basketball club and was part of the regular players for school team as well for track and field events being number one on school when it came to 400m races and above

Joined break-dancing crew

Took position of blue house vice captain



Selling products and services to potential customers

Problem solving

Solving problems whenever some spring up and offer advice and ways to solve these problems to friends and colleges


Implementing Plans as effectively and efficiently as possible to give the best results possible


Planning events and strategies for work or other aspects of life

Time management

Properly setting schedules and timelines to help teams and myself to be as efficient as possible and be able to do all what we need to do


Teaching and training whoever needs help

Public speaking

Presenting cases and arguments as well as content and training colleges and presenting opinions 


Leading teams towards achieving targets and goals weather in academics, life or at work

Google sheets, Documents and Drive

online materiel for the whole team to have access to at anytime

Microsoft excell

Creating trackers and other documents to help assist members with their work and organize data

Microsoft Power point

Preparing presentations and some charts ect

Microsoft word

Making written documents and reports


Head Teacher in "sawasdee 13 project ( leap)"

AIESEC in Thailand

 June-20-2015  to  August-8-2015

  •  Taught 460 students (kindergarten to 6th grade) and 25 faculty members (teacher, director etc.) Host family and their relatives and friends English language speaking and grammar.
  •  Made my own curriculum and implemented it.
  •  Taught children sports techniques for football, basketball, running and shot pot as well as Martial arts survival techniques and studying techniques 
  • Made weekly events for children to learn English (using audio visuals and dancing) was effective as students never forgot what they learned during those sessions.
  • Fixed many flaws that were present in book taught by other teachers so that when teachers use it in the future they can avoid teaching those mistakes.
  •  Assisted Other exchange participants in their event planning and participated as a Facilitation team and as a chair for their events, events were a success according to School faculty evaluation.
  • Helped other exchange participants in making their curriculum and gave them multiple ideas as well as teaching techniques to implement for better results, this helped to get out of sticky situations they were in.
  •  Organized “English Day” a one day event for students to implement their accumulated learned skills and have fun at the same time, it included lots of fun games, dances and activities that helped polish their English even more.

 Implemented my teaching skills and creativity to ensure for best quality teaching and amazing results

 Was a leader in workshops during Incoming preparation seminar and lead team toward success

  Polished my communication skills which are one of the most important skills that are needed to lead people
succeed as students showed lots of improvements after English day and evaluation of the event proved immense improvement in comparison to before event as students marks went up by 35%

 Became a main supervisor for our school in Regional event that included 195 schools as well as prepared students for their events (speech competition in English and hand crafted objects and selling tricks) in speech competition our schools participant came 5th out of 200+ participants (sadly I only had a week to assist the student to make her speech and practice it) and for hand crafts making our schools contenders got second out of the 195 schools that participated in the event 

  Was a supervisor during break time to monitor children and help them if any unfortunate event happened ( one was a kid sprained his leg I gave him so massage and relived his pain then got his to nurse office)  and participated with students in their break activities 

  Participated in teacher meetings and in decision making during some occasions    
 Experienced working under pressure and used adaptability and flexibility to solve problems which is a necessary skill for any leader 

 I can make use of my event planning skills to organize and lead events 

KHK MMA ( Bahrain)

Responsibilities included:
1) Setting up the venue
2) Providing Logistics for fighters and team members and referees
3) Escorting fighters to the cage
4) Clearing up space near the opening
5) guarding the entrance when entry is only limited to staff members
6) keeping Fighters pathway clear
7) Preventing people from throwing any objects into the cage or entering it

The event was a success Attracting a bigger crowd than estimated and was attended by multiple high government officials, moreover all attendees where delighted and enjoyed watching the fights as well as it helped for promoting MMA as a sport and pulled in many people to apply for membership in Gyms to practice the sport.


1) English= native proficiency

2) French= Limited working proficiency

3) Arabic= Native proficiency

4) Japanese= Limited working proficiency

5) Thai= Beginner