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Skilled background in Education, Management, Nonprofit Service and Technology. Currently works as an Onsite Dean. Has published 15 times in the areas of Nonprofit, Business, Technology and Education, three times while in the DM program and is  Reader for IAS DM Program at Colorado Technical University and serves on program committees as a reviewer for several conferences.

Teaching Experience

Strayer University, Irvine, CA and Huntsville, AL

Onsite Dean/Full-Time Faculty                                                                                     2010 – PRESENT

Teaching online using the eCollege and Blackboard platforms in addition to the

classroom setting.

Classes include: Faculty Development – New Faculty Orientation

                            Graduate level –           Contemporary Business, Leadership and

                                                                  Organizational Behavior, Strategic Management,

                                                                  Operations Management, Modern Management

                            Bachelor’s level –         Fundamentals of Mathematics, Human

                                                                  Resource Management, Introduction to

Information Systems

Colorado Technical University Institute of Advanced Studies, Colorado Springs, CO

Faculty – Reader2009 – PRESENT

Serves as a reader for student committees for the Doctorate of Management Program using Moodle platform

Colorado Christian University, Colorado Springs, CO

Business and Technology Adjunct Faculty2008 – 2010

Teach online using the ECollege platform and traditional classroom settings.

Classes include: Bachelors level - Organization Behavior, Introduction to Business, Probability Analyst

Bachelors and Masters Levels - Management Information Systems

ACAP, Fort Carson, CO

Instructor – Resume Writing, Interviewing Techniques and Internet Job Search Seminars2008 – 2010

Collaborated on curriculum development, developed syllabus and overall course structure

Lecturer – Preseparation Briefing2008 – 2010

Presented information necessary for soldiers that are transitioning into the civilian world

Central Texas College Online, Colorado Springs, CO

Proctor – All Online Classes                                                                      2007 – 2008

Unlocked tests and monitored the student during the allowed testing time

Harrison School District 2, Colorado Springs, CO

Instructor – Consumer Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, and Geometry I 2006 – 2007

Developed syllabus and overall course structure, including Midterm and Final Exams, and administered all grades.

Teaching Assistant – to Special Education Teacher for “World History, Excel and Social Issues”2006 – 2007

Collaborated on curriculum and exam development, met with students upon request, and graded all written work, including final exam papers.

Educational Technology – Edusoft Software, NovelStars Classes and Data Maintenance2006 – 2007

Served as Edusoft Administrator by entering student assessment into the computer to be graded, designing new assessments and producing reports from the collected data. Served as NovelStars administrator by adding and dropping students from classes, turning on midterms\ finals and writing grade completion sheets. Data maintenance included designing and maintaining Excel spreadsheets on progress and reward data for three different schools.

Work experience

Dec 2007Present

ACAP Counselor I / IMO / TCO


Provides individual career counseling and transition and employment assistance to Military personnel, Department of the Army civilians, and their family members to include: resumes, cover letters, job applications, Job fairs and informational briefings on and off post. Develop and present curriculum for client seminars using Lecture, Handouts and PowerPoint. Designed and published marketing tools for the ACAP center. Possesses the additional duty of the Information Management Officer (IMO) and Telephone Control Officer (TCO) for Fort Carson ACAP maintaining the technical equipment and inventory for the Fort Carson and Serco Property Books for the ACAP Fort Carson center. Services and maintains connectivity for 50 computers, 13 telephones, 7 printers and 2 fax machines on a daily basis.

Career Fair/ Employer Panel Coordination

Oversees and manages the Employer recruiting, marketing, layout and organization of 110+ Employer Career Fairs for the organization. Drafts invitation and registration forms for each quarterly event and distributes them via email to a 500+ employer list. Coordinates with venue for Career Fair needs. Markets Career Fair using traditional and social media avenues. Constantly searching for new employers to network with to provide positions for the soldiers. Maintains the scheduling for Career Fair and Employer Panel events. Created and currently maintains the Fort Carson ACAP Networking Group on LinkedIn that serves as a platform for soldiers and employers to network with each other for the goal of employment.

Customer Support Skilled in customer service and customer support principles and methods for systems installed in customer organizations for training and knowledge-based applications. Plans and delivers a full range of customer support services to the organization to include: installing, configuring, upgrading, and troubleshooting any hardware and software components in the center with little to no supervision. Sets up user login profiles, troubleshooting email accounts and perform CAC card association. Presents formal and informal training to both clients and staff, in addition to reporting, responding to and resolving client requests. Possesses knowledge of a wide variety of applications, operating systems, protocols, and equipment used in customer organizations as well as the methods and practices for troubleshooting, recovering, adjusting, modifying, and improving IT systems. Provides support in a manner that minimizes interruptions in customers’ ability to carry out critical business activities by troubleshoot complex problems and providing advice and assistance to the clients of the center. Chosen as a test site IMO for Fort Carson DOIM with their AUP XP/VISTA launch testing.

Network Services Possesses knowledge of network standards, protocols, and procedures such as the capabilities and applications of network equipment including hubs, routers, switches, bridges, servers, transmission media, and related hardware. Assist in the configuration, installation, and maintenance of networked systems including local area networks (LANs) and wide area networks (WANs). Tests the functionality of systems, networks, and data as well as routes computers to network printers and transfers information from one computer to another computer.

Project Management Effectively communicated (orally and in writing) to respond to technical and non-technical inquiries and to make presentations and prepare analytical reports for a variety of audiences, including leaders and frontline staff. Possess knowledge of IT concepts, principles, methods, and practices including: the mission and programs of customer organizations, performance management/measurement, security, systems testing and evaluation. Demonstrate attention to detail while carrying out project management principles and methods such as: analyzing the Internet potential of systems, networks, and/or data, acquisition management cost-benefit analysis, ordering COTS products and components, oral and written communication techniques and researching new and emerging information technologies and/or industry trends. Advised the management in expanding the computer lab starting with 19 computers and ending with 37 computers, including ordering computers, lab layout and computer setup. Plans and executes complex assignments and develop new methods, approaches, and procedures. Conducts analyses, recommend resolution of complex issues and provide guidance on a wide range and variety of complex IT issues according to IT policies, standards, and guidelines. Coordinates Equipment Turn-Ins with the DOIM and Logistics for ACAP Fort Carson.

Security Monitors against unauthorized access to systems, networks, and data. Implements policies and procedures to ensure information systems reliability and accessibility. Conducts risk and vulnerability assessments of planned and installed information systems. Promotes awareness of security issues among management and staff to ensure sound security principles. Implement organizational systems security contingency plans and disaster recovery procedures. Assessing security events to determine impact and implementing corrective actions. Ensures the rigorous application of information security/assurance policies, principles, and practices in the delivery of all IT services. Gained and applied extensive knowledge of IT security accreditation requirements and network operations by completing the packet for ACAP Fort Carson. Coordinates activities designed to ensure, protect, and restore IT systems, services, and capabilities. Extensive knowledge of procedures used in investigating computer crimes. Assisted Fort Carson DOIM in an investigation of the GoToMeeting website. Identifies current and potential problem areas and makes recommendations for a fully compliant infrastructure to be implemented in the center. Monitors center compliance with infrastructure protection requirements, updates new requirements and adjusting center guidelines in response to changing requirements.

Web AdministrationProvides technical leadership on current Internet technologies to include Internet server operations and operating systems; standard Internet protocols, Internet security principles and protocols. Skilled in usability concepts such as navigational aids, site architecture, knowledge management, information rendering and Web-based application and accessibility technologies. Provide guidance in determining the most appropriate methods for delivering information via the Internet. Create Internet applications that enhance user-developed content and meet business and technical requirements. Served as Website Administrator for the ACAP center. Create Web pages that enable all potential users to access information contained on the Web pages provide Internet services that optimize customer experiences. Implement Web-enabled database applications while designing and uploading files for the ACAP Sites on the Fort Carson SharePoint Server.


Onsite Dean

Strayer University

Manages the academic quality at an assigned corporate onsite location. Serves as the primary academic administrator, maintaining an academic atmosphere conducive to learning and program growth, assuring and assessing student learning, improving continuation rates, scheduling and staffing courses every quarter, and resolving faculty and student concerns. Teaches three courses per quarter at the corporate onsite location and must spend a minimum amount of time at the corporate onsite location specifically for academic student services.


Special Education Paraprofessional

Harrison School District 2

Worked with the students on an individual and group basis at the Elementary and Secondary levels. Maintained up-to-date and accurate student grade records and attendance records. Planned and used appropriate instructional strategies to support the curriculum and the student Individual Education Plan (IEP). Provided course lectures and developed training programs to educate students in ethics, conflict management, study skills development, and community service. Effectively managed the behavior of learners to ensure the environment was conducive to learning and assisted in the management of student behavior in other parts of the school and school grounds.


Coordinated materials for board meetings. Advised on the potential benefits and uses of automation to improve the efficiency of administrative support and program operations. Identified and developed data required for use in the management and direction of programs. Analyzed and evaluated the effectiveness of program operations by meeting established goals and objectives using quantitative and/or qualitative data. Analyzed the data such as: observation, assessment and focus groups on student progress and reported the data in grade or chart form. Developed presentations and reports from the collected data. Designed Excel spreadsheets to collect data for the three programs of the school.

Technology Provided technical support by performing maintenance and troubleshooting to over 80 computers for the district. Moved and setup 60 computers during a computer lab room change. Knowledge of network firewalls and intrusion protection. Served as Novel Stars system, Edusoft software and Website Administrator for HSD2.Used SAS to collect and analyze student data including attendance and health records. Designed and published marketing tools for the district. Designed Excel spreadsheets to collect data for the three programs of the school. Designed and set up equipment needed for PowerPoint presentations. Setup the software and equipment for the ID card machine.


Leasing Consultant

Simpson Property Group

Performed the duties of a leasing consultant. Demonstrated a superb level of professional effectiveness in establishing and maintaining extremely successful customer relationships. Made consultative sales oriented presentations that were focused on asking clients questions and recommending sales solutions that solved their housing needs. Leasing process was conducted in a customer-friendly manner, making sure that each new customer received a clear orientation on the property, its amenities, and methods to acquire needed services. Used approaches focused on customer service excellence to contribute to the property's exceptionally high tenant retention rate. Designed and published marketing tools for the leasing property.

Mar 1994Oct 2004

Assistant Technician

CEC Entertainment

Served in various positions between three different stores in Tennessee and Colorado. Additional positions held were Opening Manager, Kitchen Manager and HR/Payroll Manager. Served and trained in all sections of the store to include: Gameroom, Kitchen, Cashier, Merchandise and Showroom. Skilled in Customer Service, Human Resources, Sales, Maintenance, Inventory, Administration and Management.


Developed new or modified administrative program policies, regulations, goals, or objectives. Served as liaison between the organization and the vendors\customers. Maintained the food and the technical inventories for the store.Recommended changes or improvements in organization, staffing, work methods, and procedures. Coordinated the distribution of work among positions, making sure there are appropriate staffing levels and skills mix. Developed procedures and systems for establishing, operating, and assessing the effectiveness of administrative control systems such as those designed to prevent waste, loss, unauthorized use, or misappropriation of assets. Reviewed administrative audit and investigative reports to determine appropriate changes or corrective action required. Developed workload based staffing standards to determine organizational manning levels. Analyzed and evaluated the effectiveness of program operations by meeting established goals and objectives using quantitative and/or qualitative data. Evaluated and advised on the organization, methods, and procedures for providing administrative support systems such as records, communications, directives, forms, files, and documentation.

Technology Assisted Technician with all Building and Electronic maintenance including: circuitry, wiring, painting, mounting and storing. Maintained electrical and kitchen equipment to include performing daily maintenance on over 50 games and rides. Soldered circuit boards, spliced wires and troubleshot computerized robot and registers. Used personal computers, software, and the Internet for research, analysis, and preparation of reports. Maintained technical inventory and ordered parts for the store.



Masters of Science in Information Systems

Strayer University

Masters of Science in Management

Strayer University

Doctorate in Management

Colorado Technical University

Masters in Business Administration

Colorado Technical University

Masters in Business Administration

Colorado Technical University

Bachelors of Science

Tennessee State University