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Work experience

Jul 2007Sep 2007

interne course


I am alyways interested in fashion marketing. Then, at that time, I had a good opportunity. 

I worked in Gucci as interne like part-time job. I learned about marketing through classes of my major.

I could net my actives with learned theories.I was trained in that marketers  should value  Product quality management, important of design, features of each products , and significant of package above everyting else for factors' management of products. I knonw mate ship is really a critical factor in social life. I got pleasure throgh my work and i leared a lot, even though i worked during 3 months.

I feel confident of my social life and success because i reminded  how to work that can not practice in theories.


Mar 2003Present

a bachelor

Chung -Ang Univ.

After high school, I admission to the Chung-Ang Univ at Mar, 2003.

After that, keep going to my school. Next year, i will graduate my school.

I don't know what should i do to begin with. I was ashamed by presenting and annoucing  in front of many people. And I felt strange. However, several years passed away and got better than the beginning.

Now this year is 2009, time is not waitting for me. I have lost track of time.

I think that i learend a lot about my major and others. But i am not enough, so, i will make full use of  the time left.