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I am a hardworking and knowledge seeking person and want to pursue a career in GIS and Remote Sensing to utilize it for real world problem solving applications for the prosperity of Mankind, specifically of Pakistan with national and international organizations. I anticipate the use of GIS as a management tool for the effective assessment and investigations in field studies and for the planning and management of the corporate activities.

Work experience

Aug 2014Present


Forman Christian College (A Chartered University)

My responsibilities as lecturer are to teach Geography Undergraduate classes. My other responsibilities also include curriculum designing for new program of Geospatial Information Sciences, attending Professional Development (PD) workshops arranged by University and other Institutes.

Professional Development Workshops

  • Learning Styles and Teaching Effectiveness and Course Designing
  • Using Turnitin – Plagiarism Prevention Software
  • HEC – Video Conference on Academic Integrity and Plagiarism
  • Academic Advising, Writing Professional Goals and Digital Library Resources

Courses Taught

  • Fundamentals of Geography
  • Fundamentals of GIS and Remote Sensing and Cartography and Surveying
  • Digital Cartography and Aerial and Satellite Imaging
Feb 2013Aug 2014

GIS Analyst

MM Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited

During my stay at MMP I worked on various national level projects including Punjab Irrigated Agriculture Productivity Improvement Project (PIPIP), 7 Medium Dams in Kirthar Mountains in Kohistan Region, Sindh, Feasibility Study for Rehabilitation of Existing 26KMs Railway Track Peshawar, Guddu Barrage Rehabilitation and Modernization Project, Feasibility Study of 2x50 MW Coal Fired Power Plant in Lahore and Faisalabad, Sediment Management Study of Tarbela Reservoir and Sindh Cities Improvement Program Phase - 04 (SCIP-IV). All these projects included various kind of mapping like Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Mapping and Landuse/ Landcover Mapping and Analysis.

Aug 2012Jul 2013

Research Associate

Institute of Geology, University of the Punjab

My duties as Research associate are to take practical labs of GIS for M.S. Geomatics and B.S. Geology classes. I have also been working on different research papers.

Oct 2011May 2014

GIS Short Course Instructor

University of the Punjab

I have conducted short course on Geographical Information System (GIS) four times during my stay at University of the Punjab, first as Lecturer and then as Research Associate. All short courses included hands-on practice on ESRI’s GIS software as well as theoretical lectures and were conducted for one month duration.

Feb 2011Mar 2012


Department of Geography, University of the Punjab

My responsibilities as lecturer were to teach the classes of B.S. and M.Sc. Geography, the subjects of Techniques in GIS/ RS, GIS, Principles of RS, Surveying, Map Reading & Interpretation and GPS. 

Nov 2010Feb 2011

GIS Associate

Eycon Private Limited

Project: District Development Mapping Atlas of Balochistan

During my working tenure with Eycon Private limited, I worked on development of cartographic small and large scale maps from initial step of data collection, data management,  geo-referencing  of  images,  analysis to the final step of printing more than 1600 maps with  Toshiba 351c Photocopier machine.



Windows Troubleshooting and Installation

Excellent proficiency in all windows installation as well as software installation and hardware assembling of desktop computer.

Communication and Presentation

Skilled in presentation and human communication.

Google Products

Skilled in using Google Earth, Google Earth Pro and Google Sketchup for making 3D Models.

ESRI Products

Skilled in using ArcGIS 9x, 10x products for map making and geospatial modeling and analysis and ESRI City Engine software for planning cities.

Leica Geosystems Products

Have used ERDAS Imagine 8x, 9x, 2011 as well as ER Mapper for satellite image analysis and processing.


Nov 2015Nov 2015

Map Give Pakistan Co-Trainer

MapGive Pakistan and U.S. Consulate

Session-Wise Trainings at different Institutes in Lahore.

Mar 2015Apr 2015

Introduction to Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) Data and Applications

NASA – Applied Remote Sensing Training (ARSET)

A web course on using GPM data for various applications.

Feb 2015Mar 2015

Introduction to Geospatial Technology using QGIS

The Canvas Network

An introductory level course on using QGIS for geospatial data handling and analysis.

Jan 2012Jul 2012

ESRI Web Courses

Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI)

More than five web courses certification offered by ESRI.

Nov 2009Dec 2009

Remote Sensing

University of the Punjab.

A basic level course on Remote Sensing and Image Classification using ERDAS Imagine software.

Jul 2009Aug 2009

GIS and Map Surfer

University of the Punjab.

A basic level course on GIS mapping & analysis and terrain reading using Map Surfer.




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  • Ahmad, Ahmad S.R., U. Javaid, M.A. Javed, M.A. Jaffri and M. Ashfaq. “Landfill Sites Identification using GIS and Multi-Criteria Method in Sahiwal, Pakistan." Chinese Geographical Journal. 2015.
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  • Ahmad, S.R. Ahmad, U. Javaid, M.A. Javed and S.G.M. Hashmi. “Above Ground Carbon Quantification using Remote Sensing, GIS and Field Observations in the Moist Temperate Himalayan Forest of Pakistan.” Ecology and Evolution.


Poster Presentation

  • Sanaullah, M., and A. Ahmad. "Morphometric Relation to the Geological Structures of Haro River Drainage Basin, Northern Pakistan." 10th Meeting of the Saudi Society for Geosciences: Geosciences for Sustainable Development. Dhahran, 2013. 

Oral Presentations

  • Ahmad, S.R., A. Ahmad, U. Javaid, and M.A. Javed. "Multi-Criteria based Landfill Sites Identification by using GIS: A Case Study of Sahiwal Tehsil, Pakistan." International Conference on Aerospace Science and Engineering (ICASE). Islamabad: IEEE, 2013.
  • Ahmad, S.R., U. Javaid, A. Ahmad, and A.A. Taj. "Assessment of Transit Stop Service Area using GIS: A Case Study of Punjab University Transportation." International Conference on Aerospace Science and Engineering (ICASE). Islamabad: IEEE, 2013.