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Sep 2008Aug 2012

Bachelor's Degree in Kinesiology, specialization in Exercise Science

University of South Dakota


  • American Heart Association First Aid and CPR 
  • Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist 

Work experience

Apr 2014Present

Exercise and Tobacco Treatment Specialist and Lifestyle Coach

Nutur Health
  • Provides telephonic coaching to participants with various health conditions
  • Provides assessments to new participants to determine clinical risk and readiness to change
  • Complies with companies polices and procedures including handling confidential forms
  • Accurate and timely documentation in member management software
  • Educates participants on American College of Sports Medicine exercise guidelines 
  • Provides education on how to develop appropriate short-term/long -term exercise related goals
  • Educated participants on the relationship between regular activity and health conditions
  • Provides education on injury prevention
  • Develops individualized pain management strategies including:remaining active, ice/eat application. gentle stretching, weight management, body mechanics/posture, over the counter medication
  • Educates on tobacco treatment relapse prevention 
  •  Educates and aids participants in becoming tobacco free 
  • Implement motivational interview techniques 
Feb 2012Apr 2014

Injury Prevention Specialist

Tailored Injury Prevention Solutions
  • Performs interactive wellness presentations to individuals, small and large groups
  • Teaches correct body mechanics to improve movement patterns, positioning and reduce joint force related to job tasks
  • Instructs behavior change, habit change and self-help techniques
  • Developed software program
  • Helps clients manage and correct physical difficulties
  • Works with clients on job site to incorporate injury prevention techniques
  • Demonstrates and Instructs exercises specific to clients occupation
  • Designs handouts to promote overall health, reduce illness and injuries
  • Educates the importance of daily exercise to reduce the soft tissue injuries
May 2012Aug 2012

Fitness & Recreation Intern

  • Prescribed exercise programs to individual seeking to improve their physical fitness levels.
  • Scheduled and conducted fitness evaluations which includes obtaining an individual’s blood pressure, body composition, measurements, sub-max Bruce test, and musculoskeletal fitness according to ASCM standards
  • Demonstrated and choreographed group exercise classes
  • Instructed how to correctly use all fitness equipment
  • Assisted with member greeting and building relationships with fitness members
  • Created, budgeted and marketed a health cooking competition for fitness members
  • Presented a Power Point presentation on healthy cooking competition to fitness specialists
  • Completed 480 hours
  • Designed a Bathroom Brief on beginning a basic strength training program
  • Gained personal training experience through a eight week case study
  • Assists in facility operations and administrative duties
  • Efficient in Microsoft Office, including, Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint
Aug 2012Feb 2012

Rehabilitation Specialist

Synergy Health & Rehabilitation
  • Demonstrated and Instructed patients on how to correctly complete lumbar, neck and all major extremity rehabilitation exercises based on affected areas
  • Modified specific rehabilitation programs depending on patients needs
  • Evaluated patients rehabilitation progress by testing over materials
  • Reconstructed shoulder rehabilitation program
  • Performed Post Isometric Relaxation exercises on patients
  • Collaborated with chiropractor on specific rehabilitation programs for patients
  • Documented patients daily rehabilitation progress
  • Managed all aspects of internal marketing
  • Responsible for advanced scheduling new and existing patients
  • Efficient in Electrical Stimulation machine and performing ultrasound on specific areas of the body
  • Customized patients settings for Electrical Stimulation and Ultrasound