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Summary of Qualifications and Technical Credentials:

  • Cisco Certified (CCIP, CCDP, CCNP, CBNADS, CSSDS, and CNAP) Solutions Architect and experienced Technical Project Manager with proven track record of client satisfaction.
  • Lead medium to complex RFP response from Pre to Post Sales.
  • IP/MPLS Core Backbone Network Engineer with over 10 years hands-on technical experience that includes Plan, Design, Installation, Configuration, Testing, Troubleshooting, Optimization, Upgrade, and documentation in Service Provider and Enterprise networks.
  • Received Award Memorandum, Appreciation, and Multiple Client Commendations on technical support performance, as well in Regional-OHQ projects award success stories and business value.
  • Strong industry knowledge and intensive hands-on experience in administration, deployment and support of numerous technology solutions - Routing & Switching, Security, Data Centre, Networking, and Communications for small to large corporate environments.
  • Client service oriented, proven ability to lead projects, and demonstrated capability to independently analyse, resolve minor to complex technical issues and communicate effectively with both technical and management levels.
  • Experienced 24/7 Technical Support for Enterprise and Telecommunication network deployment, involved in diverse projects High Level Designs (HLD), Low Level Designs (LLD), Network Implementation Plan (NIP), Network Migration Plan (NMP), Methods of Procedure (MOP), overall project management and resource planning for large scale deployments.

Work experience

Mar 2012Nov 2012

Senior Network Consultant

NCS Pte. Ltd. Singapore

Singapore Polytechnic, Network Upgrade Project

  • Engage in plan, design, and implementation for network upgrade project, working closely with NCS Teams - Pre-Sales, Project, Maintenance, and Cisco AS team.
  • Creates Migration Plan, Implementation Plan, User Acceptance Test Plan per network phases to deployment execution.
  • Implement Cisco best practices and IOS hardening for network devices from Access to Core Layer, Server Farm, and DMZ.
  • Support for SP's overall network from IT Disaster Recovery Process (ITDRP) to each project upgrade phases, and transition/cut-over from old to new network.
  • Lead integration and migration with SP and NCS teams from Data Center's site preparation to deployment of entire project from SF, DMZ, Access, Distribution, and Core Layers. (Cisco Nexus N7K's, ASA-CX FW, ASR 1K, 6513E, 4506E, ACE LB, ACS, and NAC).
Apr 2010May 2011

Technical Project Manager

Dimension Data (Formerly Datacraft Philippines)


Assigned as a Technical Project Manager for Service Provider and various Enterprise Accounts. The role directs a technical team from implementation to acceptance sign-off. Applied systematic approach through Dimension Data's Primer Methodology on Network Integration, Security, and Communications line of businesses - project roll-out from Inception to project transition phase. Provides recommendation and guidelines in budget preparation.

Liaise with internal and external teams to define SOW's, project milestone, timelines, and resource plan. Define deployment phasing from staging to Acceptance Testing, developed processes, change, and risks management.

Ensuring success of project deployments, managing the planning and execution of deployment efforts, and coordinating the interaction of internal partners and client resources toward the completion of key services projects, timely provide agreed upon deliverables and within budget.

Nov 2012Present

Solutions Architect - Consulting Lead

Dimension Data Philippines


  • Practice Lead for Network Integration, Security, and Communications - Business Units for Enterprise and Media & Communications - Accounts
  • Practice Lead for Assessments - Network/Security, and Network Optimization.
  • Engage in solutions - plan, design, and implementation for all enterprise and service provider accounts creating Low Level Designs, Implementation Plan, Migration Plan and User/System Acceptance Test Plan.
  • Bid/Proposal Manager for regional approvals, Lead RFP response to proposal submission/signoff.
  • Pre-Sales for Professional Services on scoping, master timeline, resource plan, and solution review.
  • Support for technical/deployment team on execution phase, resolving technical issues, providing configuration guides and procedures.
  • Point of Contact for Regional Consulting Team, working closely with Enterprise Architects on Account Plan and Heat-mapping.
  • Point of Contact for Regional Practice Heads, working closely on Network, Security, Data Centre, and Communications opportunities.


Bell Telecommunications - IP Transformation Project Phase 1 - 3
•  Lead RFP responses on statement of compliances, technical solution/Bill of Materials, project scoping, responsible for creating master project timeline and resource planning.
•  Worked closely with pre-sales team on solution proposal/presentation and 3rd Party partners – Cisco AS, Juniper PS, A10 PS, and Allot PS for design and services scoping for Belltel’s IP Backbone, IP Core, and IP Network Aggregation nationwide deployment from Phase 1 to 3.
•  SPOC for Dimension Data Regional Team for proposal/bid submission - effort/resource planning aligned to overall project timeline, scoping, execution methodology, and end-to-end solution review.

EXL Service – Network and Security Assessment
•  Lead Technical Information gathering, analyse network and security infrastructure and per device configuration review.
• Provide assessment results, recommendations, resolutions, and overall architecture road-map.

Emerson Fisher-Rosemount - IPT Project
• Lead RFP response for solution, scoping, timeline, and resource plan.
• Solution presentation, deployment plan and design proposal.
• Conducted technical workshop for creating Low Level Design, Implementation and Migration Plan of IPT deployment execution.
• Handover to technical team for execution and support on project deployment phase.

Bank of the Philippine Islands – Central and Branch Router Upgrade and WAAS Project
• Worked closely with Cisco AS for Low Level Design, Integration Plan, and Migration Plan technical workshop, review, sign-off, and execution.
• Plan, design, and created Low Level Design, Integration and Migration Plan on WAAS portion.
• Supports technical team on deployment phase, propose best practices, and network devices hardening.
• Conducted Knowledge Transfer on BPI’s Technical Operations and Engineering Team.

Jun 2005Apr 2010

Senior Network Engineer

Datacraft Philippines (Acquired by Dimension Data)


  • Design, build, and managed multiple Service Provider MPLS VPN - IP Backbone Networks and various Enterprise Networks.
  • Lead for project deployment/implementation on various areas of Networking and Security - Core, Distribution, Access, DMZ, Server Farms, and Inter-AS.
  • Firewall audit, administration and implementation, IP Sec - Site to Site and Remote Access VPN's.
  • Implementation of QoS for traffic classification and prioritization.
  • Implementation of Cisco Access Control Server (ACS) - AAA.
  • Worked closely with internal and external project teams on planning and design phase - HLD, LLD, NIP, NMP, MOP, and UAT.
  • Conducts network audit for integrations, migration plan, procedures, tests, and configuration templates.
  • Installation and configuration of Cisco NMS and CSM for Network/Security devices and Cisco MWTM for ITP's Server Management to centralize monitoring, troubleshooting, and optimization for Service Provider - IPBB Networks.
  • Lead for nationwide site preparations and liaise with teams involved acting as the Project Manager for timeline and resourcing.
  • Performed project walkthrough/handover training for end-user administration and documentations for projects implemented.

Certifications and Trainings

Career Certifications:

  • Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE R&S) - Written Passed
  • Cisco Certified Internetwork Professional (CCIP) - CSCO11064437
  • Cisco Certified Design Professional (CCDP) - CSCO11064437
  • Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) - CSCO11064437
  • Cisco Borderless Networks Architecture Design Specialist (CBNADS) - CSCO11064437
  • Cisco Security Solutions & Design Specialist (CSSDS) - CSCO11064437
  • Cisco Networking Academy Program (CNAP) Course 1 through 4 - 1167863


  • July - 2016: DDU Consulting and Professional Services Portfolio
  • July - 2016: DDU Consulting Services Automation Platform
  • July - 2015: Business-Focused Transformative Architecture Engagements (Singapore)
  • June - 2015: DDU Introduction to ITIL Framework and Creating a Service Culture
  • August - 2014: Code of Business Conduct and Ethics
  • May - 2014: DDU Software-Defined Networking Development Model
  • July - 2013: Network, Security, Data Centre Assessments and Optimization Training (DiData Singapore)
  • July - 2013: DDU Introduction to Primer
  • July - 2013: DDU Project and Portfolio Management System (PPMS)
  • June - 2013: Converged Communication Bootcamp (DiData - Bangkok, Thailand)
  • June - 2009: DDU Uptime Re-launch Service Delivery Course Examination
  • January - 2009: Cisco Multi-Protocol Label Switching Course (TP - Singapore)
  • December - 2008: CCNP Cisco Routing & Switching Workshop (Datacraft Asia)
  • August - 2008: Cisco Firewall Service Module (FWSM) Workshop (Datacraft Asia)
  • April - 2008: Cisco Advanced Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) Bootcamp (Cisco)

Professional Skills

  • Hardware: Cisco Routers - 1800, 2800, 3900, 7200, 7500, 7600, GSR1200, and ASR 9K, 1K.
  • Hardware: Cisco Switches - 2900, 3500, and 3700 | Cisco MLS - 4500, 6500, Nexus 9K, 7K, 5K, and 2K.
  • Hardware: Cisco Servers - UCS 200 Series (VMWare - Vsphere for Applications - CUCM, Unity).
  • IPv4 Routing Protocols: Static, RIP, EIGRP, OSPF, ISIS, BGP, MP-BGP, MPLS TDP&LDP
  • Switching Protocols: STP, PVST, RSTP, and MSTP.
  • Route Manipulation: Redistribution, Filtering, Summarization, & Policy-Based Routing.
  • First Hop Redundancy Protocols (FHRP): HSRP, VRRP, and GLBP.
  • IP and OSI: IPv4 Subnetting & VLSM, Basic IPv6 Routing & Addressing, OSI CLNS Addressing & Routing.
  • LAN Technologies: Ethernet, WLAN, VLAN, VSS, and Nexus VPC, VDC.
  • WAN Technologies: Leased Line, Circuit-Switched, and Packet-Switched.
  • WAN Layer 2 Protocols: HDLC, PPP, X.25, Frame-Relay, and SONET/SDH.
  • Network Security: Router/Switch/MLS ACL's, PIX500's, ASA5500's, & FWSM, DDOS, IPS, AAA (TACACS), MPLS-VPN, IPSec: Site to Site & Remote Access, NAT & PAT.
  • Network Management: CiscoWorks LMS, Cisco MWTM, Cisco ASDM, CSM, Cisco Prime, Cisco ACI
  • Network Access Control: Cisco ACS, NAC, and Cisco ISE
  • Wireless: WLAN Controller 5508, Wireless LAN Solution Engine, and Aironet AP's.
  • Video: Cisco Telepresence [1100, 3010, & 3200]: Network Path Assessment (NPA), Room Readiness Assessment (RRA), Post Installation Assessment (CTX-PIA), and User Acceptance Testing (UAT).
  • Quality of Service: DiffeServ, IntServ, and AutoQoS.
  • Operating Systems and PC Platforms: Cisco IOS, IOS-XR, NX-OS, CatOS, Win2003, WinXP, Win7 & 10
  • Microsoft Office: MS Visio, MS Powerpoint, MS Project, MS Excel, and MS Word.

Awards, Recognition, and Commendations

  • November - 2015: Dimension Data - Annual Professional Excellence and Performance Awards
  • September - 2015: Professional Excellence/Regional Business Value for Bell Telecommunications
  • February - 2014: Client Thank You for successful Network and Security Assessment
  • September - 2012: Successful migration execution and support - Singapore Polytechnic
  • April - 2010: Client Commendation on Infra and Security Support - Liberty Telecom (Witribe)
  • March - 2010: Success Story Rewarded Firewall Upgrade Proj. - Proof of Concept for ACS
  • Jan, Oct, and Nov - 2008: Smart Communication Success Stories on rewarded Projects
  • May - 2008: Client Commendation on PMR Support Cascade - Smart Communications
  • December - 2006: Completion of Smart Broadband Wifi and Globe GPRS/SS7oIP Site Development
  • December - 2005: Project Completion Award Memorandum of Infonxx Call Center Project
  • December - 2005: Client Thank You and Commendation Letter for Citibank Projects

Educational and Personal Background

  • B.S. Computer Science and Information System, Centro Escolar University (2001 - 2005)
  • Height: 5'11  |  Health: Excellent  |  Willing to travel/relocate - Yes/100%