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Together with my partners, I am working very hard to grow my company. Our aim is to be the third-party Purchasing Department of choice for the best Central European mid-sized manufacturing companies.


Very experienced Operations Manager who has worked in senior levels in plants employing over 1000 people, in both green field and brown field sites. Experience has been gained chiefly in auto supplier operations as well as consumer goods plants, working for both local and international organizations.

Has initiated and led several large scale reorganization projects resulting in significant improvements to productivity and efficiencies by utilizing Lean Manufacturing, Kaizen, and Six Sigma techniques. Has implemented SAP into businesses as well managing significant downsizing projects with direct Trade Union involvement. Has been responsible for all aspects of operations including sales, quality, finance, HR, engineering and logistics functions.


Work experience


Business Partner

PNE Industries Ltd.

Technology focused company with three divisions: Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS), Emergency Lighting, and Lithographic Supplies divisions. PNE Industries Ltd., is listed on the Main Board of Singapore Exchange since 2000.




Sourcing agent; sourcing in China & Southeast Asia: PCBs, PCBA, electronics, metals & cables, electromechanical, hydraulics, automotive, and industrial components for Polish/European manufacturers.


President & CEO

Biazet SA

€150 million small appliance manufacturer; ca.1,600 employees; CM and OEM under global labels (Philips, Eaton, WMF)

Main responsibilities:

  • Devising and implementing corporate strategy;
  • Managing sales and maintaining customer relations;
  • Direct P&L responsibility for all activities and operations;
  • Devising and embedding corporate culture based on team work, shared learnings and devolved responsibilities;
  • Implementing continuous improvement programs across whole company.

Key achievements:

  • Developing  the company from the subcontractor to the full OEM business model;
  • Sales growth of ca. 150% annually for 3 years – to  ca. €150 million and net profit – more than 80% annually to  ca. €3.5 million;
  • Development of a comprehensive 5-year strategy and a systemic strategy deployment process cascading two-way down the organization chart;
  • Major lean culture deployment. Improvements: design productivity - 30% ; effective productivity - from 80% to 95% of design productivity; on time delivery and floor-space utilization (50%);
  • Transformed “people agenda” by developing a high performance culture based on team working, transparent and consistent performance management, talent management and flexible working.


Tischner European University

Co-designed and taught a post graduate course, International Business Communications


VP, CFO, Commercial Director

Federal-Mogul Corporation, Federal Mogul Gorzyce Piston and Wheel Plant, Poland

Federal Mogul is a €5 billion automotive company; ca. 50,000 employees; major global OEM 1st tier auto industry supplier.

Polish plant: Sales: €120 million, ca. 2,000 employees

Main responsibilities:

  • Finance (US GAAP and local), Internal Control, and IT functions; 03/04 –Sales, Purchasing, and HR; sharing the strategic management function and P&L responsibility;
  • Deputizing for  Plant Manager;
  • Developing and managing, jointly with the Plant Manager, comprehensive corporate integration and plant turn-around projects;
  • Managing a €75 million three-year capex program; spin-offs and divestitures of substantial portions of the business, focusing on core competencies and products;
  • Leading a SAP implementation project beginning in 2004, successful go-live May 2005;
  • Introduction of Internal Control and Sarbanes-Oxley implementation systems.

Key achievements:

  • Driving growth from under 4 million pistons annually in 2002 to over 8 million in 2005;
  • Managing plant turnaround from €6 million operating loss in 2002 to ca. €8 million profit in 2004;
  • Achieving headcount reduction (from ca. 2,500  to 1,800);
  • Managing €12 million UK plant closure/relocation to Poland;
  • Managing improvement in on-time deliveries from ca. 50% to over 95%;
  • Acquiring state/EU grant projects (€1.5 million grant awarded in 2003).

CFO, Board Director

Delphi Automotive Systems, Inc; Damper and Integrated Air-Fuel Module Plants, Krosno, Poland

Delphi is a €25 billion automotive company; ca. 200,000 employees; ranked largest global OEM 1st tier auto industry supplier

Polish Plant: Sales: €75 million, ca. 1,100 employees.

Main responsibilities:

  • Management of  finance (US GAAP and local), internal control, and IT functions; sharing the strategic management function and P&L responsibility;
  • Developing and managing, jointly with the Plant Manager, a comprehensive plant strategy;
  • Developing and managing, jointly with the Plant Manager, a comprehensive Fix Plan - extensive restructuring of staff, footprint, portfolio, process, and extraneous/non-value-added activities;
  • Implementation and management of an operational  plan in direct support of the Business Plan, monitoring, analyzing and reporting variances from plan and managing corrective actions;
  • Identifying and applying various initiatives directed at profit improvement.

 Key achievements:

  • Plant turnaround from operating loss, to operating profit within two years;
  • Plant-wide headcount reduction project (elimination of over 400 salaried, administrative, and indirect jobs and over 300 direct positions).

Vice President, Chief Financial Officer

MAHLE GmbH; Cylinder Liner and Piston Plant, Poland

Mahle is a €2 billion automotive company, ca. 25,000 employees, ranked 20th European and 43rd global 1st OEM


CFO, Board Director


Screw and Fastener Manufacturer, €25 million Company; ca. 1,300 employees


Senior Partner/Owner

De Bro International, Business and Financial Consultants

Vice President, CFO, Senior Consultant, Owner

Prospol, Inc.

Polish-American joint venture corporation, Financial, Business, Marketing, and Distribution Consultant


Consultant, Problem Project Manager, Project Manager, Executive Assistant

T. Alderson General Contractor, Inc.

Speculation Builder


Built and/or remodeled several spec houses in the San Francisco Bay Area, for sale and/or lease.




University of Minnesota, Carlson School of Management


University of Kansas

Academy of Mining and Metallurgy