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Adam Kaupert is the Line Technician at the Untertürkheim factory in his home town of Stuttgart Germany.   Adam started as a machine operator when he was 15 years old and dropped out of school.  Kaupert did not go to university but became a line technician in less than ten years.   Adam has always wanted to travel to the United States of America and explore the Yankee land but has not been able to in the past.  UNTIL NOW. 

Adam took a boat to the United States because Airfare was very expensive.  When Mr. Adam arrived in the United States of America he stayed at the German hostel in Maine State.   Adam was able to get a construction job which paid well but was 15 hours of construction every day. 

Adam Kaupert has always wanted to start a family and find the perfect German wife but has not been able to find the right woman yet. 

Adam Kaupert wants all people that are looking to change their life and explore a new country to THINK TWICE it is even more difficult that you could imagine. 

I will be continuing to write my blog titled "ADAM KAUPERT DEUTSCHLAND TO THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" with tips on how to help the transaction easier. 

you can contact me at [email protected] if you need any tips on how to fit in the American society as a Proud German. 


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Untertürkheim factory


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