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Life-long filmmaker and story-teller. Versatile. Creative. Passionate. Efficient. 

People also seem to like my work - so I must be doing something right.

Work experience

Sep 2012Present

Creative Video Producer

ITV Fixers - (Public Service Broadcasting Trust)

My role is based in a media production company whose clients are young people aged 16-25, our job is to create and develop a media-based campaign that raises awareness for a social issue of their choosing - for example: bullying, homelessness, crime, equality, mental health or social activities, to name a few - by creating short films, documentaries, music videos, video and print-based advertising, such as creating posters, leaflets, as well as organising and filming events and live performances. 

The job is a 'jack-of-all-trades' position where, as the producer, I am expected to be proficient, skilled and competent throughout every stage of pre and post production: treatments, budgets, writing, producing, directing, editing, cinematography, cameras, lenses, sound-recording, call sheets and everything in between. I must often work with experienced and inexperienced actors and crew members; and I must also be fully efficient in completing two projects a month consistently. The majority of my projects have been handled solely by myself from beginning to end - including the shoot itself - so I'm very much adjusted to self-shooting and working alone, as equally adjusted to collaborating with a team. 

Each project has to be completed within the tight constraints of a small budget, follow company guidelines and criteria, whilst working inside a short time-scale. Every film and product has to be short and concise, yet must fulfil its purpose by informing and enlightening/inspiring its target audience, and encouraging pro-activity and action for its campaign. 

I have made over 150 short films, along with a handful of short documentaries and broadcast pieces - many of which, have been on featured on ITV and screened at the BFI cinema in London (7 films at once during a Mental Health film festival), plus other specific festivals and events - on top of that, I have written and directed a number of plays, plus also designed and created a good number of posters, leaflets and booklets, which can be presented on request. 

My role also entails assisting other producers on their own projects through offering help and advice in pre-production, working behind the scenes to help their project come to fruition during production, and providing second opinions and suggestions in post-production.

A huge part of the job is knowing how to communicate with a large variety of people and personalities - including those with mental health issues, learning disabilities and difficulties, and shy and/or anxious characters, difficult and/or impatient individuals - I pride myself on knowing how to pitch an idea to anyone based on their disposition and preferences, and taking a client's idea (which might not be a very good one) and applying it to the final product in a way that allows them to feel valued in the creative process. 

Sep 2008Present

Writer, Producer, Editor and Director

South of Sideways Productions

Through my own small independent production company, which kept me going through and after my university days , I have written, produced, directed, and edited a number of personal short films,  as well as hiring out my services in capturing and editing advertisements, corporate videos, live shows, theatre performances, and interviews. 

At least once a year, I do what I can to create my own personal 'no-budget' short film to satiate my own creative desires, my most recent ones being 'Evenfall' and 'Moving Atlas', both of which can be presented on request. 

I also write and direct my own stage-plays; in 2013, my play 'Crosstown Hotel' sold out all of its performances, and now I am currently in the process of rehearsals for my latest play 'Evergreen,' which I aim to have on the stage by late 2016/early 2017.


Sep 2007Jul 2010

BA Hons - Media, Writing and Production

Bolton University

1st Year Units
Photography and Video; Screenwriting in Context; Media Production; Introduction to Screenwriting. Theoretical modules: Reading the Screen; Introduction to Media and Cultural Theory.

2nd Year Units
Digital Cinematography and Digital Sound; Screenwriting; Directing Actors for Digital Film; Creative Producing; Writing Short Films; Narratives and Audiences.

3rd Year Units
Screenwriting: One Hour Screenplays; Critical Theory into Practise; Work Placement; Major Personal Project; Screenwriters at Work.


Cameras - Strong skills and knowledgeable with DSLRs, Canon EOS, REDs, Sony PXWs, currently researching means of shooting a short on Kodak film. 

Writing - Lifelong writer. Can quickly write strong scripts, teleplays, features, shorts, stage plays, radio plays, novellas. 

Directing - Experience with both professional and amateur actors. As well as directing a film crew.

Producing - Hiring and securing locations, casting, equipment hire. 

Cinematography - Skilled with lighting, framing and knowledgeable about lenses.

Editing - Strong skills and knowledgeable of Final Cut Pro X, Final Cut Pro 7, Adobe Premiere and Avid. 

Graphic Design - Strong skills with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. 

Fluent proficiency in Italian

Intermediate to fluent proficiency in Spanish. 

Limited working proficiency in French.

Skilled storyboard artist and graphic designer.

Skilled guitarist and novice pianist with strong understanding of music.


CRB Checked.

Full Clean Driving Licence. 


2016 Visual Showreel 

Drama Showreel

'Hustle' Showreel - A small segment from an existing BBC script

'Moving Atlas' - my latest short film, but still a work in progress   Password: atlas

'Waterloo Road' Showreel - A small segment from an existing BBC script

Fixers Films (writer, producer, director, editor, cinematographer) - a handful of projects that I've made over the years (click the title to be re-directed to film): 

'The Consumed' - Anorexia Awareness

'Wake Up' - Anti-Bullying

'Move Forward' - Mental Health Awareness

'Final Cry' - Mental Health Awareness

'Be A Man' - Male Suicide

'Razor's Kiss' - Self-Harm Awareness.

'Dyspraxia Awareness' - Campaign Video for the Disability

'Life Diary' - Music Video About Life of Crime. (Camera work only.)

'The Dark Trip' - Film about club drug addiction (shot entirely on green screen).

'Doctors, Talk to Me' - Awareness for treating patients with learning disabilities

'Importance of Youth Work' - (Documentary) Awareness for Youth Cuts 

'Food Poverty' - Awareness for the many relying on food banks.

'To Whom It May Concern,' - Short Film About Mental Health in Hull

'Cluster Headaches' - Awareness for the condition 

'Spot the Signs' - Mental Health Awareness

'Young Carers in Sheffield' - Awareness for Young Carers

'Whisper in the Ear' - Mental Health Awareness

'Stimming - A Social Guidance Video' - Awareness for Autism 

('Stimming' has also been featured on BBC's: Richard and Jaco: Life with Autism)

'Twelve Steps' - Dangers of Psychoactive Substances

'Skin Deep' - Eating Disorders Awareness

'We Want Change' - Disability Stigma

ITV Broadcast Segments: 

Surviving Cancer - Audio, Lighting. 

'Male Suicide' - Audio. Plus featured clips from short film. 

Mental Health Stigma - Audio. Plus featured clips from animation. 

'Dyspraxia Support' - Audio. Plus featured clips from short film. 


The Kingfisher - Short Film currently in pre-production

Disability Discrimination - Fixers project

(More to be added soon.)

Graphic Design and Artwork: 

Kinship Care Storybook

Brexit Hate Crime Poster

CD Artwork for song about unemployment.

Martial Arts Posters

Pole Fitness Poster

Anxiety Attacks Leaflet

Transgender Equality Poster

M.E Awareness Poster

Spot the Signs Leaflet

Panic Attacks Leaflet

Evenfall (writer, producer, director, editor, cinematographer) - clips from a personal project of mine:

'She Never Saw It Coming':

'No Stomach for the Wine':

'Sense of Sentimental Value':

'Thrill of the Chase':

Crosstown Hotel (writer, director) - a clip from a sold-out theatre production of mine: 

'Service with a Smile': 

More available upon request.


Chris Salt 
Chris Salt Productions
Alkrington Hall East
Manchester M24 1WD


Tim Austin

Public Service Broadcast Trust