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Associate Software Engineer

Previous experience as Associate Software Engineer Lockheed Martin- Programming Languages: SQL, PHP, Ruby, Peri, Python, C/C++, JavaScript Platforms/Tools: Amazon Web Servcies/Cloud, Linux, Open Source Interface Design/Management: N-teir Application Architecture, Component-oriented Object Design, MVC Pattern, DAO, Customer-focused/Lean methodologies(Agile)

Chief Technology Officer Messaging Services
CHIEF TECHNOLOGY OFFICER & PARTNER, Strategic Planning & Analysis| Software Design & Development| Viral Marketing Founded online community featuring chat boards, games, discussion and news for teens and pre-teens. Grew site to secure 10, 000 members per day using viral marketing strategies. Designed proprietary backend software to gather statistics for member behavioral patterns and target advertising to specific user groups. Strategically implemented data to develop smarter system and infer user interests and preferences.

Chief Technology Officer

Messaging Services
CHIEF TECHNOLOGY OFFICER & PARTNER, eCamp Web Analytics Established, developed and managed communications solutions technology designed to connect residential, day and specialty campers with parents. Delivered product branding and designed full product line to increase revenue by 200% within one year. Secured 350 client-camps for one-way email system and two-way photo product. Built infrastructure for system receiving 400+ Mbit of traffic during peak periods. Earned maximum return on investment by conducting analysis during peak periods and leveraging information to make strategic decisions, increase traffic and build business. Connected 100, 000+ parents and campers in U.S. and Canada. Sold to Active Sports Network in 2006.

Chief Technology Officer
CHIEF TECHNOLOGY OFFICER & PARTNER, Executive Design-making| Business Strategy Development| Social Networking Architecture Co-founded first invite-only social networking for promotional services site and designed backend platform architecture within distributed environment for instant scalability. Defined vision of“ trendy” category for social media. Developed new advertising model using social graphs connected to real world information for mass marketing.

Chief Technology Officer

PARTNER, LookBooks Media
CHIEF TECHNOLOGY OFFICER Product Strategy & Design| Strategic Business Planning| Agile Software Development Create business goals and monetization strategy for technology company offering integrated portfolio services and digital marketing solutions to leading fashion, beauty, photography, design and fine art clients. Develop architecture for showcasing world's leading creative talent and visual reference for key decision makers in image creation. Sync 5, 000 artists and 2MM+ tagged images from world's leading agencies with source. Spearhead product design and development teams and operations. As member of executive team, interface with key business stakeholders and translate executive decisions into detailed design documents for project management and technical teams. Build products to support expansion by constantly pushing iterations for testing new features and implementing metrics derived from iterations. Page 2 of 2 PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE, Continued Collaborate with cross-functional teams to test new features, refractor into platform to scale and integrate as part of core product. Implement expertise in mySQL, PHP and JavaScript in primarily Agile environment on AWS in a fault tolerant architecture.





Business Acumen