Adam Halsey

Growing Artist, Coder, Singer, and a more.


Wants to help in development of games, either by coding, voice acting, or making promotional art, just helping with a video game is my ultimate goal to accomplish

Work experience

Work experience

Volunteer Work

Damonte Ranch Highschool

I helped make logos on shirts for the Student Store



Damonte Ranch High School Fall 2015-Current

2015 - 2019

Kendyl Depoali Middle School Fall 2011-2015

2011 - 2014

Took S.T.E.M Lab for 2 years

Took Choir for 2 years

Took Art for 1.5 Years



Willing to Learn

The willingness to learn new subjects

Source Film Maker

Using the Valve Software Source Film Maker to make posters.

Paint Tool Sai

Using Pain Tool Sai to its full extent to draw a presentable product


Actually drawing