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Performance-driven and team-oriented professional with a passion for developing quality software and learning more about better development practices. Solution-focused individual who strives to remove any unnecessary bloat in any product that I make or am responsible for. Strong organizational and project management skills allow for delivering powerful results ahead of schedule.



Proficient with the JVM and Java versions 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, and 1.8. Strong understanding of Object Oriented paradigms, and application of Design Patterns.

Spring Framework

Strong Spring MVC background, and very comfortable with Spring Framework. Proficient with Spring Boot and Spring Security.

RESTful Web Services

Have developed and extended several RESTful Web Applications.


Familiar with the Scala language and writing tests for Scala code.

Angular 1

Proficient in designing Angular JS applications, and utilizing Angular JS with Spring applications. Proficient in versions 1.2, 1.3, and 1.4, as well as some open-source modules such as UI-Router and Restangular.

Work History

March 2016Current

Software Engineer

Uptake Technologies, Inc.

Chicago, IL -- Full-Stack engineer working on the Data Ingestion team to organize incoming data streams into actionable information for predictive analytics software for the Industrial IoT sphere. Targeted at companies who produce industrial-level equipment, our software provides the means to analyze the readings data generated by the various components of their assets and fleets.

Responsible for managing aggregated data readings and converting them into actionable metrics. Using Spring Boot to build a microservice for readings processing, we ingest data from a Kafka topic and output cached streams that can be accessed via JMX calls for downstream components. Also managed the front-end rules-configuration pages, written in Angular 1.

Worked with Java 8, Spring Boot, Node JS, Bower, Swagger, HTML 5, Angular JS 1, Gulp, Gradle, with enforced 100% code coverage and full End-to-End test coverage.

Sep 2014Feb 2016

Software Engineer

Bank of America/ Merrill Lynch - Global Foreign Exchange

Chicago, IL -- Working on a Greenfield project called "CashPro Flow" to introduce Micro-Foreign-Exchange transactions as a new business line for the Global Foreign Exchange team. Targeted at companies or retailers who are looking to enter the global market, or looking to manage their foreign exchange costs more closely by aggregating transactions with values less than a million units. The application is accessed via a robust RESTful API.

Responsible for developing the supporting administrative application for the micro-transaction platform. The application is based in Angular JS 1, and built with Node JS, Bower, and Grunt. The application utilizes modules such as Angular-UI Router, Restangular, Angular-Strap, Ng-Messages and Ng-Resource. Tested with Karma and Protractor with BDD tests written in Jasmine.

Used Java 8, Spring Boot, Scala, Node JS, Bower, Swagger JS, HTML 5, Angular JS, and built with Maven and Grunt JS. Enforced 100% code coverage of both Java and JavaScript, as well as full End-To-End test coverage of the entire application.

Mar 2014Aug 2014

Software Developer

REDI Technologies

New York, NY -- Worked on a Greenfield project to develop a full-stack platform for developers to build and extend applications. The platform utilized Java, Hibernate, Jetty, HTML 5, Sass, and Angular JS, built with Gradle and Grunt JS.

Enforced a set of application design principles so that all applications were consistent across the enterprise so that any developer could learn the codebase of any application easily as the structure would be consistent amongst all applications. Enforced 100% code coverage with unit tests.

Investigated OpenFin as an alternative technology to the current stack.



B.S. Integrated Digital Media

NYU Tandon School of Engineering