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An online distributor of air conditioning (AC) and related equipment, ACWholesalers offers consumers a unique opportunity for significant savings in the selection of their equipment. By shopping directly with ACWholesalers, they can avoid the often substantial markup taken by many heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) contractors. In addition, ACWholesalers guarantees the lowest prices for the equipment it sells and charges no hidden fees: no extra charges for delivering to a residence, no insurance charges, and no fuel surcharges.The HVAC equipment sold by ACWholesalers is essential to a house, yet most homeowners are barely familiar with it. To help them navigate the process, ACWholesalers’ website provides a wide variety of tools and other help, such as a knowledge center that explains industry terminology and offers price and performance comparisons among many of the different manufacturers’ equipment. ACWholesalers’ website also provides a sizing calculator to help consumers determine the right equipment; when they enter the square footage of their home and identify the part of the country they live in, the calculator estimates the size of the cooling and heating equipment needed.ACWholesalers is an online component of the network of stores under HVAC Stores, along with GoDuctless, Grünaire, PackageUnits, and ACBlowout. The HVAC Stores Network is the world’s largest direct integrated marketer of HVAC products. ACWholesalers specializes in air conditioning products, and it offers consumers a broad range of choices among systems as well as brand names, from individual room AC units and multizone ductless systems to full systems, operating on electricity or electricity and gas, for houses of any size. A full array of air-quality controllers is also available from ACWholesalers, including humidifiers, dehumidifiers, and air cleaners. ACWholesalers also carries all the accessories, including thermostats and condensate management systems, to control the HVAC equipment.