Adam Troutt

Adam Troutt


Aug 2007 - Present

Bachelor of Science

I am currently a Junior at MTSU where I will be completing my Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration.

Aug 2005 - May 2007

Associate of Science

I attended Volunteer State for 2 years working on my Associate's degree. I transferred to MTSU in the Fall of 2005 with the intentions of finishing my Associate's there. Due to miscommunication with Volunteer State, I walked through graduation in 2008 but did not actually graduate. I am one class short of finishing my Associate's degree and hope to complete it at the same time I comlete my Bachelor's.

Work experience

Work experience
Mar 2007 - Present

Reserve Police Officer

Gallatin Police Department

I am currently a Squad Leader with the Gallatin Police Department Reserve Unit. The Reserve Unit compliments the full-time force with volunteers. As a Reserve Officer, I work side-by-side with full-time officers in the commission of their duties. I answer calls for service, handle traffic stops, and work special events as needed by the Police Department. As a Squad Leader, I am responsible for notifying other Reserves of needs the Department has for work. I am also the first link in the chain when Reserve Officers have complaints. They bring them to me, and I pass them on to our Reserve Sergeant if I am unable to settle the issue. I also remind Reserve Officers of upcoming events, such as our monthly training sessions and whatever requirements there may be for such events.

Oct 2006 - Present

Security Officer

Volunteer State Community College

As a part-time Security Officer on the Volunteer State Community College campus, I am responsible for the safety and security of the campus and those thereon. I generally work on weekends where my main responsibility is making certain that classrooms are opened on time for classes and that the rooms not being used stay secure. I also serve as dispatcher when the need arises. I answer calls for assistance, such as students whose vehicles won't start, or persons wishing to be escorted across campus after dark. I am responsible for supervision of the CCTV system during my shift. I am also responsible for ensuring that persons on campus are only in areas for which they have authorization, during the times that they are authorized to be there.

Sep 2008 - Present

After-Care Teacher

Franklin Road Academy




I am an experienced pianist. I have been playing for approximately 12 years. I had 9 years of classical training. I had about 1 year's worth of jazz lessons, and played in a jazz band at Volunteer State Community College. I have been playing in churches for 6 years. I have worked at a music school as a piano player for class rooms, taught piano privately, and played for weddings. I am an advanced sight-reader and intermediate chord-reader. I am a beginner with regards to playing by ear, but have experienced much growth in this area in recent months.