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Alp Çimenoğlu CV


Address: Göktürk-Eyüp-İSTANBUL

Home:+90 212GSM:+90 533

E-mail:[email protected]

Marital Status:Married (1 child)

Experience:18 Year(s)


Date of Birth & Place:10.07.1967, Aydın

Driving License:B (1987)

Military Service:Done


Over nineteen years of succesfullsales and marketing management experience and a proven ability of successful business development management. Now looking to start a new challenging executive management positionin general management, sales, marketing, retail or business development areas where my knowledge and skills will have an immediate impact on corporate profits and productivity.


• General management•Product management•Export-import

• Retailmanagement•Team building -leadership•Human resources

• Business development•e-commerce•Customer services

• Sales & marketing mng.•Dealer management• Channel&product development

• Board chairman•Purchasing•Finance & budgeting


Foreign Languages: English( Advanced )

Learned and practiced ; METU, England

Computer Skills: Lotus 123, Windows, MS Office QuattroPro, PC Hardware, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw , Harvard Graphics, Fortran 77, Basic , Dbase

Seminars- Computer Programming 1989 / Ö;zel Data-Aydın

- Sales technics / 1996 - Gizmor

- Sales & Marketing management/ 1996 – Gizmor

- CRM / 1996 – Gizmor

- Time Management/ 2000

- Effective management systems / 2003

- HR management / 2004

- ISO 9001: 2000 Quality management system / 2006 - ProGroup

- Budget preparation and controlling / 2007 – ProGroup

- Audit & Finance for managers / 2007 – ProGroup

Smoking: I don't smoke

Memberships: METU Alumni Organization

Association of Citizens of Aydın

Hobbies: Travelling and sight seeing, tennis, bowling, commercial airplanes

Work experience

Sales & Marketing Manager


Transteknikwas a sole distributor of Minolta copiers in Turkey. As a Sales Manager was responsible to manage all reseller network and %80 of sales of the company.

Managing dealers in terms of finance, stock and sales

Training the dealers, technical and managerial teams

Organizing marketing activities

Coordinated marketing and sales efforts as well as overseeing development of new products.

Also worked as Product&Channel Develop. Manager, Trying to add new products and sales channels.

And also worked as Hitachi Division Manager, Managing the new product group of Hitachi Interactive Presantation Boards.

Sales & Marketing Manager


Siskom was a sole distributor of Konica copiers in Turkey. As an Indirect Sales Channel Manager. responsible to manage all reseller network and %80 of sales of the company.

Managing dealers in terms of finance, stock and sales.

Training the dealers, technical and managerial teams

Organizing marketing activities


Coordinator (Sales,Marketing, Retail and Foreign Trade)

Altın-iş Group

Altın-is Group has 4 group companies in production, marketing, retailing and foreign trade of wood products, furniture and building industry accessories , hardware(DIY) products.

·Managed a $ 45 million sales budget (70% of all sales)

·Management of all sales and marketing activities.

·Managed current 4 DIY shops and directed the opening of 5th new concept DIY shop (3500m2).

·Also managed foreign trade sales to 25 different countries,Attended and visited fairs in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzanya, China, Dubai ( team of 4 people and 12 million USD export sales)

·Managed two sales teams (direct and indirect channel) of 12 people and 11,5 million USD sales

·Total number of employees was 150, managed65 employees directly.

·Worked for the institutionalization of the company.

·Managed all the processes forthe ISO quality certification. ISO 9001:2008 certification has been awarded to the company at the end of 2010.



DNO Yönetim Danışmanlık

As a freelance Consultant managing/supportingthe projects related with IT,, retail, sales &marketing, CRM, e-business, foreign trade, business development, supply chain management and HR.


General Manager


Landmark Holding is the only Private Label(PL) group in Turkey, which is comprised of manufacturing, trading and service providing companies. 17 LH group companies started their operation in 1996s .LH companies produce different range of products such as personal care products, detergent, soft drinks, nuts and snacks processor and packager, tailored tissue, packaging materials, household products, shopping bags, chocolate and hazelnut spread, dessert and pastries, textile, as well as shoes. Other companies of holding specialize as the suppliers of bread and bakery products, fresh vegetable and fruit, frozen foods, non-FMCG articles and small electrical appliances. There are also trading companies, and a logistics company. Employees over 750. Manufacturing and packaging for major retailers in Turkey. (BIM,A101,ForYou,DiaSA,TEDİ, AYDİ,EVDİ, TescoKipa, Migros, YKM...)

Responsible for providing coordination between Holding’s Companies and Board of Directors -Responsible for the overall performance of one aspect of the organization, such as manufacturing, marketing, sales, purchasing, finance, personnel, training, administrative services, computer and information systems, property management, transportation and legal services. Determination of what should be done by authorized unit in order to selling of share for domestic and foreign investors and following all related decison -Participating to some national and international meetings and representiing Holding in that meetings.

ZTH A.Ş. (Zincir Mağazalar Tedarik Hizmetleri A.Ş.)

General Manager - İstanbul – Trade

ZTH as a member of Landmark Holding Group, provides supply services to the chain stores of Turkey. (A101,Evdi,Foryou, Tedi, Aydi, DiaSa, Migros...) Acts as an intermediary between the suppliers and the retailers. Works over 500 suppliers all over Turkey and the world. ZTH has focused its expertise on the supply of non-food articles (spot) with its strong connections and organisation network

Worked for the management of the company.. Tried to find new products, suppliers and business areasand visited many trade shows in India , HongKong, China, Germany, Holland.

ALPASİS A.Ş. (Alternatif Pazarlama Sistemleri A.Ş.)

General Manager- İstanbul - IT - e-commerce

Alpasis A.S. as a member of Landmark Group designs ,develops and operates e-commerce websites. (,, ...),

Responsible for coordinating, and administrating all of the e-commerce(B2C-B2B) , catalog sales and call center marketing channels. Developing and implementing marketing strategies to promote businesses and products via the Internet.Planing and executing company's overall agenda for selling products/services directly to on-line customers or for conducting business to business transactions on an Internet's web site. Providing leadership for the web site development staff and coordination between the company's internal departments and web development staff.