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My name is Deondre Veasey. I have 7 years of customer service experience. I began my career with HEB at the age of 17 as a customer service assistant and worked my way up to assistant manager.I have some college, but HEB decided to further my education with in the company, which consist of a series of manegment classes,and team leadership classes, to soon move up to department manager.I am a team player, organized and i highly trainable. I love to see results driven by hard work and dedication , i am a very self motivated person that believes   there's no goal that's unreachable, that's why i can never turn down a challenges.

Work experience

professional driver(truck driver)

cr england

As a truck driver i had to drive cross country under all weather conditions operating a tractor -trailer combination 10 or more hours a day with a teammate delivering on time fright to our customers. Have to understand general knowledge of paperwork and being able to communicate  with your district manager and shipper/ reciever. most have knowledge on how to to daily safety inspections on your tractor and multi task.



As a bookkeeper you have to run reports hourly to  making sure your bank is balanced, Responsible for finding any mistenders or over and shortages threw out the store.Knowlegable of all opperations in the business center,and the frontend,plus gas station 


Prepaid Legal Services

Leading a team of about 10-15 associats , hosting team meeting for new prospects that may be interested in the service we have to offer,as wells as train associats to meet certain goals. As manager i have to drive results from my team by following up with there potential prospects and making the sell during a presentations, or over the phone.

Business Center Rep


Collecting bill payments from the customer, responsible for handling large amounts of money during tranactions, service over the phone and being able to handle errors with machines,running and balancing reports to conclude the day,also handling any customer complaints dealing with total store

Aug 2009Present

Assistant Service Manager


Oversee all frontend operation of service , which consist of training, pushing sell,evaluate, disicipline. Implement training and performance tracking on each person to ensure we meet our goals.Utilize ms excell and spreedsheet to keep up with wrap(budget) on supplies.Providing excellent customer service to each customer to ensure satifaction from our customer,


Personal Skills
7 years customer service ,only went threw training in collections,ms excell, spreedsheet, recruting,and achieving goals, and current class A CDL holder