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A highly successful chartered accountant with invaluable experience in financial reporting and accounting covering a variety of industries from start-up business, to financial management and company closures. Hands on experience of providing professional advice in strategic sectors such as financial reporting, taxation, auditing, forensic accounting, corporate finance and insolvency. 

Work experience

Dec 2008Present

Accountant & Auditor

Saleh Al-Naim Chartered Accountants & Auditors (DFK International) in ksa

i work in many different settings including public practice firms and industry and commerce, as well as in the not-for-profit .

work  activities

The role of a chartered accountant covers many aspects of finance work, including:

  • continuous management of financial systems and budgets;
  • undertaking financial audits (an independent check of an organisation's financial position);
  • providing financial advice.

In public practice, tasks carried out by a chartered accountant include:

  • liaising with clients (individuals or businesses) and providing financial information and advice;
  • reviewing the company's systems and analysing risk;
  • performing tests to check financial information and systems;
  • advising clients on tax planning (within current legislation to enable them to minimise their tax liability) and tax issues associated with activities such as business acquisitions and mergers;
  • maintaining accounting records and preparing accounts and management information for small businesses (accountancy)
  • counselling clients on areas of business improvement, or dealing with insolvency;

In commerce and industry and the public and not-for-profit sectors, work involves:liaising with internal and external auditors and dealing with any financial irregularities as they arise;

  • producing reports and recommendations following internal audits or public-sector audits;
  • preparing financial statements, including monthly and annual accounts;
  • arranging financial management reports, including financial planning and forecasting;
  • advising on tax and zakat

The most important work and achievements:

  • participation in the work of the accounting expertise of  AL taghr company Ltd for commercial investments .
  • participation in the work of the assessment AL taghr company Ltd for commercial investments.
  • participation in the work of audit  Financial statement  for AL taghr company Ltd for Medical supplies. 
  • participation in the work of the accounting expertise of jeddah graphic center .
  • preparing financial statements for Saif noaman company 
  • participation in the work of audit  Financial statement  for nawara house for fashion company
  • participation in the work of audit  Financial statement  for Al mansour medical center .
  • participation in the work of audit  Financial statement  for.BOOKSHOPS, PUBLISHING & DISTRIBUTION Co .
Jan 2007Dec 2008

Accountant & Auditor

Essam el-din abdelrauff certified Public Accountant


  • administering payrolls and controlling income and expenditure
  • auditing financial information
  • compiling and presenting reports, budgets, business plans, commentaries and financial statements
  • analysing accounts and business plans
  • providing tax planning services with reference to current legislation
  • dealing with insolvency cases
  • meeting and interviewing clients

The most important work and achievements:

  • participation in the work of the taxation expertise of Palm Hills Developments
  • participation in the work of audit  Financial statement  for Kazareen Textile Company
  • participation in the work of audit  Financial statement  for misr housing and investment- Company 
  • participation in the work of audit  Financial statement  for Banna for Contracting Company 


Training Courses

  • courses in complete computer management completely accounting diploma
  • courses in accounting programmes.
  • courses in accounting firms and banks.
  • courses in the egyptian accounting standards and procedures for internal and external audit and the development of technologies for personal and professional references and research in corporate development and finding solutions to the problems faced.
  • courses in working paper audit documentation


  • Interactive & fast enough to learn new technologies & sciences
  •  Enthusiastic , highly motivated
  •  Positive attitude , leading personality
  •  Loyal , honest , team worker
  •  Good communication skills
  •  Ability to work under pressure & make quick decisions
  •   An excellent understanding of auditing techniques.
  •  Experience within an Internal or External audit environment.
  •  Able to motivate and lead others in a project team environment.
  •  Experience of the Asset Management, Banking and Insurance industries.
  • Excellent knowledge and erudition in using Windows XP, Windows Vista
  • and Widows 7.
  • Advanced Experience in using some computer applications such as microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook.
  • Excellent knowledge in using the Internet and the Internet applications.
  • Excellent Accounting knowledge, Proficient in accounting software such as (  peachtree –  excel accounting-‏ - el modeer – compact – matrix-tasners …)
  • Good  knowledge in using Auto cad (2d)- Photoshop
  • Excellent computer and communication skills.
Language skills
  • ARABIC   :   native language.
  • ENGLISH:   good command of reading, writing & speaking.


Nationality:               Egyptian

Military status:          Exempted

Birth Date:               26/01/1985