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I want to participate with my knowledge and experience to achieve the vision of an organization and achieving its objectives as the human resources always seek to be a part of developing and improving strategies and so I want to get more experience and knowledge for my work career.

Work History


 JAN -2017present

Human Resources Specialist

Create the file for new employees.
Save and arrange all the files of employees.
Enter data for all employees in a computer.
Follow up the attendance of employees and apply the system.
Processing the end of services and clearance for the employee.
Track renewal and termination of staff contracts.
Monitoring the application of regulations and procedure for labour.
Prepare monthly payroll.
Processing the account leave and end of services benefits for staff.
Issue the leave benefits or other benefits.
Follow-up requests for housing and transportation.
Receipt the loan requests and fill out forms.
Responsible for all personnel files.
Circular the arrival of a new employee to the company.
Check leave requests and ensure employee balance.
Additions and deletions in the social insurance.
Additions, deletions and medical insurance claims.
Supervising the preparation of letters of definition company records.



Human Resources Assistant

  1. Responsible for internal and external recruitment
  2. Interview candidates
  3. Check the appointment of the candidate
  4. Prepare reports of interviews
  5. search for qualified staff (Twitter, for linkedin, internal and external recruitment companies)

Ajna communication and IT Co

Mar 2014Sep 2015

Responsible of employees affairs

1. Continuous adapting for human affairs management and saving their
files, recruitments, salaries and allowances.
2. Keeping the confidently of interactions and secrets of employees.
3. Issuing letters and reports related to employees affairs such as warnings,
acknowledgment, promotions and allowances… etc.
4. Observing and controlling attending and dismiss and recording daily
5. Collecting and distributing new information related to systems of work
and employees affairs on the other directions and its employees.
6. Typing the reports and letters and documenting its sending.

NESC one of Fawaz Alohiker’s companies

Oct 2013Dec 2013

HR Coordinator

  1. Leading the female hiring department.
  2. I was directly working in hiring using database of applicants in addition to missions of human resources such as employees affairs, benefits and compensations.

Saudi Best

Apr 2011May 2013

Manager of employees and administrative affairs

  1. Establishing an internal structure.
  2. Working on summer training by communicating with administrations and sites managers.
  3. Preparing the requirements of obtaining visa and iqama.
  4. Responsible for files and passports of employees and observing vacancies and leaves.
  5. Issuing and connecting the medical insurance.
  6. Preparing identifying letters.
  7. Preparing documents required for ( Issuing and renewing work cards, issuing and renewing iqama, adding family to Iqama of the employee, getting multiply exit, transferring sponsorship, family recruitment , changing jobs , escaping annoaunces).


King Abdulaziz University

Jan 2010Feb 2016



Chamber of Commerce

May 2014Apr 2015

Diploma Of Human Resources

Topics diploma:
Diploma consists of four main themes:
The first axis: the core activities of personnel and human resources.
• Introduction to Human Resource Management • Human Resources Planning
• organizational structures and practices designed
• Job Analysis
• job classification
• Job Evaluation
 The second axis: human resource development.
• polarization and recruitment skills
• wages and salaries (compensation)
• management, administration and evaluation of training activity
• Performance Appraisal and Development
• Effective planning career path
• ethical controls in the field of management and human resources development
Axis III: contemporary trends in human resources.
• Total Quality Management in the field of human resources.
• Organization and job loyalty culture.
• Integrated functional competencies.
Axis IV: (human resources development) skills of workers.
• foundations of leadership and effective supervision
• Human resource development through work teams
• analyze problems and decision-making skills
• motivate staff and reward
• communication and negotiation skills
• meetings management skills and time management
• Prepare and report writing skills
• Clinical Project.

Diploma Computer

May 2008Oct 2008

Manar Institute


Skills Communication.


 All governmental and non-governmental services

Personnel Affairs