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To obtain a position that fosters my desire to learn and develop new skills and embrace new challenges. 


Aug 2006Present

Interpersonal Communications

Bowling Green State University

Vice President of the Student Wellness Network-Bowling Green State University

·Planned events around campus

Hydration Celebration, Campus Fest, Erase the Stigma, Eating Disorder Awareness Week

Peer Educator - Facilitated presentations for students of BGSU

·Coordinated Presentations

Peer Educating educates students on many wellness issues Such as; Safer Sex-Infection Protection, Sexual Assault, Body Image, and Fatal Vision

  • Springboard Mentor -Assisted freshmen students to get acclimated to college and involved in academic organization

Work experience

May 2008Aug 2008


NBC 24 News

Developed special reports with the nightly news.  Edited nightly news and sent finished work to production.  Gathered materials from other news channels and published them into the system.  Worked with a database to keep news broadcasters organized. 



Movie Making
Although iMovie was the movie maker that was used regularly I am also familiar with other types of programs.  I have been making movies in class since I was a Junior in High School.  I got college credit for the class, and also carried on the ability to make movies onto the classes in college. 
Organization is very important to me.  In college it helps to manage time, or to be responsible.  I am very busy in college and always had an agenda to keep on track.  Organization also helped with grades.  Keeping a notebook for every class allowed me to get the homework done and know exactly where everything was for the class.
Event Coordiantor
Student Wellness Network has given me the chance to plan events around campus.  Most recently, we held a dodge ball tournament called "Throw Balls to Save Balls."  This event was to promote awareness for testicular cancer. We raised over $500 dollars to give to the American Cancer Society.  This was not the only event done this year, but the most recent. 
I am a Peer Educator for Bowling Green State University's campus, which allows me to present to students on wellness topics throughout the year.  I am also a Communications major which helps with the learning aspect of presentation skills. 
Microsoft Office
Computer skills have been apart of my life for many years.  I am very fluent in Microsoft office, and consider myself and expert. Although I have been apart of the PC world, I also have much experience with MAC's.