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Bachelor of Arts

University of British Columbia



Bachelor of Computer Science

University of British Columbia

Work experience

Sep 2014May 2015

Front End Developer


- Developed a Financial Analytics Platform prototype for Interest Rate Swap Data using Ruby on Rails, HighCharts and AngularJS  for financial swap analytics startup GammaTrace(In Stealth Mode).

May 2014Sep 2014

Ruby on Rails Developer(Contract)


- Developed for sports social networking startup integrated into since December 2014) 
- Integrated app with Stripe in order to charge application fees for registration forms made by clients.

Mar 2014Mar 2014

Wordpress Developer(Contract)

Sequoia Ridge Capital

-Built a responsive Wordpress site for Sequoia Ridge Capital


Channel(P2P Video Streaming Client based on Chord DHT)

- Implemented a bi-directional chord based p2p distributed system for video streaming for CPSC 416 final project

- Used the GO programming language for development

Favors Mobile App (NWHacks 2015 Hackathon) - March 2015

- Lead team of four to develop a hybrid mobile application in 36 hours. The app outsources handiwork to other users who are interested in learning new skills.

- Technologies used included Javascript, Firebase, AngularJS and Ionic.

FTP Client for CPSC 317(Internet Computing)

- Built an FTP Client using Java for CPSC313(Internet Computing).

- The Client is able to connect to various FTP servers and send and receive files.

Park City

- Developed a Ruby on Rails app for CPSC 310(Software Engineering) that connects to the Vancouver Parks Database.

- The web app allows users to create events at different parks in Vancouver and also allows other users to join those events. 

Patternizer Website

-Helped project lead develop the front-end for the REGEX Patternizer Site for UBC Assistant Professor Ivan Beschastnikh.