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 Graphic Design major at Harding University with a background in various disciplines ranging from construction to design, including extensive experience with customer service.  Excellent interpersonal skills and highly motivated, I enjoy learning  and am always ready to take on a new challenge. 

Work experience



Zion Climbing Center

- Provide warm customer service that invokes a friendly and open atmosphere. 
- Facility maintenance including cleaning and route setting.
- Data Entry


Student Worker

Center for Learning with Technology

- Design effective and visually pleasing designs for events and advertisement.
- Teach Harding University teachers how to use new technology for their classes and ensure that they leave able to utilize the new technology on their own effectively.

2016 2016

Graphic Designer

Gym Masters

-Design aesthetically pleasing designs for basketball courts that are also easy for the crew members to lay down.
- Vectorize school mascots for large stencil printing 


Guest Service


- Ensure customer satisfaction.
- Work fast, efficiently, and cleanly.
- Tender cash correctly and quickly
- Assemble food fast and accurately so that the customer receives as smooth an experience as possible.

Apr 2012Aug 2014

Market Supervisor 

The Cheese People

- Acquire and maintain extensive knowledge of entire product line for optimal sales.
- Provide warm, friendly customer service that garners repeat customers who enjoy coming back to make exchanges.
- Handle and count stock as well as perform deliveries.
- Money Management including sales count, deposits, refunds, etc.
- Seasonal job


Construction Worker

Dolbeare Construction

- Assist in the construction of houses as well as other tasks including roofing, lumber work, and some landscaping.   


Aug 2013Present

Graphic Design BFA

Harding University


-Sean Hudkins: Owner of Zion Climbing Center
(501) 593-6844
[email protected]

- Naomi Valentine: Center for Learning with Technology Manager
(501) 593-5983
[email protected]

-James Gregory: The Cheese People Supervisor 
(406) 876-1788