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        I'm skilled full-stack developer who have knowledge in HTML5, CSS3,Responsive design,Media Queries, Bootstrap, JavaScript (OOP) Es6, Jquery, photoshop, DataStructure, PHP5(OOP+MVC), Apache Server, Design Pattern, MySQL, Ajax, JSON, version control using Git ,and Zend framework . in addition of MIS and business intelligence, UML  system analysis .

            As well as i have the desire of keeping learn  and                




An-Najah National University

Management Information systems - MIS



Full-stack development training 

Asal Technologies via Headway 

Work experience


System Admin.

Sinjel Mall

managing business using "Al-Dewan system" for accouning,inventory, and sales .

Owner : Rafeeq Tawafsheh - 0599666771


Sales, Maintenance

Coolnet sinjel branch/Amer Sahouri 

Owner : Amer Sahouri - 0599648996


  • Full-stack Development: 

HTML5 ,CSS3, Bootstrap, JavaScript Es6(OOP+ Jquery), Data Strucure, PHP5(OOP+MVC), Design Patten, MySql, Ajax, version control ,and Zend framework

  • MIS:
traditional management,projects mgmt using MS Project ,systems analysis, decision analysis using Excel,data base management, accounting and finance,quality assurance
  • BI Tools:      
MS Office, SAP Lumira BI,Tableau BI, Weka, Oracle DBMS
  • Others:      

Principles in C++,Principles in Networks,Visual Basic, Computer Maintenance

Graduation project: E-learning system in shape of social media

    •  Using :HTML, PHP, JS, MYSQL, Bootstrap, Ajax
    • Grade: B+
    • Content:
          •  Social user profile inspired from Facebook
          •  Learning classes inspired from Facebook groups and Wikispaces
          •  Examination and grading system
          • Social relations (follower & following, Join Classes)
          •  Dashboards and classes control panel