Abigail Thompson

Abigail Thompson


Hello! My name is Abby Thompson. I am a sophomore and Information Technology Associates Program (ITAP) Associate at DePauw University.  

I am currently an undeclared major but I am leaning towards psychology. I have grown up using a lot of technology and look forward to being able to apply my skills to my future career. 

Work experience

Work experience

Aug 2011 - Present

ITAP Associate

DePauw University

ITAP is a program at DePauw University that selects applicants with upper level skills in technology to learn more about the field through hands on experience. My first year I was able to design my own website, work at the campus' helpdesk, help with the university's Media User Services, and record music for the University's school of music. 

May 2009 - Present

Concessions Worker

City of Chesterfield

As my high school and summer job, I was able to learn how to effectively work in food sales. This included learning how to effectively communicate with my boss and my co-workers in order to have both accuracy and proficiency in the selling of concessions at the City of Chesterfield facilities. 


Aug 2011 - Present

DePauw University

Cumulative GPA: 3.67

Involvements in College:

  • Kappa Alpha Theta Fraternity
  • Information Technology Associates Program
  • Tiger Ambassadors
  • Catholic Student Association
  • InterVarsity
Aug 2007 - May 2011

Cor Jesu Academy

Cumulative GPA: 3.9

Involvements in High School:

  • Junior Varsity Soccer Team (9-10)
  • Racquetball Team (9-12)
  • French Club (9-12)
  • Student Ambassador (9-10)
  • T.R.E.N.D. Homeroom Representative (12)
  • Spirit & Life Club (9-12) 
  • Kairos Retreat Leader (12)
  • Luke 18 Retreat Leader (12)



Pro Tools

Through my current ITAP rotation, I have learned the basics of audio editing through the Pro Tools program and have gotten to record and edit my own audio. 

Adobe Dreamweaver

Through one of my ITAP rotations, I learned the basics of web authoring using CSS and HTML coding to create my own website.


I have taken French both in high school and college and have acquired an intermediate level of proficiency.