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Abigail Morales Navarrete

Abigail Morales Navarrete

Industrial Designer/ English Teacher


Highly motivated and experienced in multi-cultural environments that has a keen understanding of many different cultures, ethnicity and languages. Extensive experience with different cultures, living abroad and being able to adapt to high stress environment to learn new skills and new cultures.  Ability to teach and communicate to all ages including three years old and up, in the area of English as a second language classes.  Strong communication and interpersonal skills in multiple languages (Spanish, German and English).  Accomplished and dedicated educator and highly motivated to improve her skills in any areas to consistently exceed everyone’s expectations.  Accomplished leader and a teacher with innovative and efficient ideas to forge solid relationship with many key personnel.  Ability to build consensus across all cultures and sell an idea that provides benefit for everyone involved.

Work experience

Work experience

English Teacher

Aug 2015 - Present
Colegio Inglés de Veracruz 

Teaching English as a second language in a bilingual system, implementing dynamics that propitiate the motivation and curiosity to learn the language.  Consistently commended for the ability to redirect students exhibiting behavior problems by replacing disruptive, unproductive patterns with positive behaviors and excitement about being in class.   

German Teacher 

Sep 2015 - Present
Bayern Institute, Veracruz 

Dynamic approach that introduce the students to the German language through conversations and exercises and culture throughout songs and videos. Students with different range ages and levels that go from the first introduction to the deeper knowledge of it have achieved their learning goals and international certifications.

English Teacher/German Teacher 

Feb 2015 - Aug 2015
Instituto Angloamericano, Veracruz

Teaching German in a dynamic way, throughout the English language that allowed the high school students to practice both languages without the use of the mother tongue.  Put in practice a conversation club that encouraged the participants to put in action what they have learned, in a real situation.

Au Pair

Jan 2013 - Feb 2015
Cultural Care Au pair

Full time caregiver to kids under ten years old, actively involved with the community and school events of the kids on charge. Committed to help not only on the academic duties of the kids but also in the forge of good moral values that will help them to grow as highly proactive grownups with a international view and understanding of different cultures.



Teaching Knowledge Test

Nov 2015 - Present
Cambridge English certification


Sep 2015 - Present
Band C1


2015 - 2015
Instituto Angloamericano 

Teachers Diploma Course


2015 - 2015
International House

Teaching Spanish as a second Language 

Industrial Designer

2005 - 2012
Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana