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  • Reliable;  show up on time, gets things done fast
  • Stupendous communication, and listening skills
  • Hardworking
  • I like to keep things clean at ALL times

Work experience

Mar 2016Present

Crew Member


I prepare food for the public, assemble orders fast and efficiently, clean every inch of our store until I feel it's perfection, I receive orders, and serve.


Aug 2010Present

New London High School

I attend New London High school as of now (sophomore). I will be graduating in 2018, and diving into a bright future because of my great learning experience here thus far.

Aug 2015Present

Lorain County Community College

I am currently taking college credit at my high school in order to better prepare myself for my future, get into the rhythm before I go, and expand my knowledge for a brighter look into life.



Resourceful team player. Willing to take the role of A leader at any time.


Driven achiever with exemplary planning and organization skills.

Computer literacy

I can do absolutely anything you ask me to do on a computer. I've taken two years of computer/Tech classes at my school.


I always aim to be a "go getter", and keep the mood light and happy for other's.


I won't quit doing my task until I have it perfected and finished.