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I am a results-driven, customer-focused, articulate and analytical Senior Software Engineer who can think with the bigger picture in mind. Strong in design and integration problem solving skills. Have very strong feelings when it comes to code quality and modularity. I have also contributed to open source projects. See the projects section below for more details.

Interested in a challenging technical track career in an application development environment.


April 2016Present

Senior Software Engineer

Nestaway Technologies
  • Developing NestAway API services, streamlining payment products to serve the growing set of users and building scalable and reliable systems
  • Working directly with the VP's of engineering and the CTO to determine operational feasibility by evaluation, analysis, problem definition, requirements, solution development, and proposed solutions
  • Handled teams of upto 4 people to deliver complete solutions within given deadlines
  • Code reviews and training
Nov 2014Mar 2016

Technical Manager

Codebrahma Technologies
  • Designing, engineering and development of complete end-to-end systems for clients based on the project requirements, in-depth analysis and evaluation of technologies and tools to be used
  • Worked closely with several entrepreneurs/founders/CEOs to understand their vision and deliver products built from scratch as well as scaling and improving existing systems 
  • Lead teams of upto 8 people working on different technologies
  • Code reviews and training
Jul 2013Oct 2014

Software Developer

Codebrahma Technologies
  • Development based on the requirements given


  • Software Design and Architecture
  • Requirement Analysis
  • Ruby and Ruby on Rails
  • JavaScript and NodeJs
  • AngularJs, JQuery, Web Development, HTML and CSS
  • SQL, MySQL, RDBMS, Database design and concepts
  • Linux and Unix environment
  • GIT, AWS, S3, EC2 RDS, IBM Bluemix and Heroku
  • XMPP, MQTT and Ejabberd


Open Source Contributions

I am the owner of the below open source projects

Simple but efficient background processor 

Nestaway Technologies - 2 months (team-size - 2) - Lead Developer

Working on an in-house efficient background processor using concepts related to concurrency and parallelism. Similar to the open source project but with an event-driven architecture along with multi-threading.

National Automated Clearing House(NACH)

Nestaway Technologies - 2 months (team-size - 2) - Lead Developer

Implemented a reliable automated system for NACH transactions for customers which brings in approximately 2 crores of revenue on a monthly basis. Built keeping idempotency, reliability and transparency in mind.

Payment system re-design and full system migration

Nestaway Technologies - 2 months (team-size - 2) - Lead Developer

Did a complete overhaul of the payments system which reduced payment tickets by almost 2400%. Migrated the live production system under just 1 hour with almost 15GB of critical data related to payments

Open Gateway Payments

Nestaway Technologies - 1 month (team-size - 1) 

Allowing customers to make payments securely without logging in or entering any kind of credentials. This increased the payment throughput by almost 50%

IOT Based Medication platform

Codebrahma Technologies - 6 months (team-size - 4) - Lead Developer/Technical Manager

An IoT based application(Android, IOS, NodeJs) that notifies caretakers whenever a patient consumes their medications. It has complex acknowledgement and device syncing systems for almost 100% reliability and consistency 

Mobile Chat Application with Ejabberd/XMPP

Codebrahma Technologies - 6 months (team-size - 4) - Lead Developer/Technical Manager

A chat based application(Android, IOS and Rails) that uses the XMPP protocol for IM. The chat server being used is Ejabberd(used by Whatsapp as well). Has features like any standard chat app including sending photos, videos and group chats



Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.)

Guru Nanak Institute of Technology

Information Technology, CGPA 8.0/10.0



Little Flower School

Science, Grade 85/100



Little Flower School

Schooling, Grade 85/100