Work History

Work History
May 2014 - Present

Senior Software Engineer
  • Building and deploying multiple back-end components like
    i) User generated content systems for Snapdeal's web and mobile applications - Reviews and Ratings, Snapdeal Question and Answers,
    ii) Snapdeal Loyalty Points.
    iii) Pricing system and cash-backs
  • Leading a team of 5 driving Pricing Simulator and Cashback Engine for Snapdeal
  • Recruiting engineering talents from campuses.
Apr 2011 - May 2014

Technical Lead

Belzabar Software Design, Delhi
  • Planned, implemented and executed a complex, risk intensive and large scale data migration on live Production system involving the migration of close to 6 million documents from the legacy system to the new ECM system
  • Designed and implemented a complex enterprise web application using the J2EE stack integrated with a customized Alfresco ECM system. Designed and implemented the REST API layer in Spring Webscript to expose the Alfresco repository data for consumption by the client web application tier.
  • Post deployment to Production profiled the entire application to identify performance bottlenecks and optimized certain slow interfaces by a factor ranging from 2 to 10 times
  • Promoted to a technical lead role within two years of work as a part of which I was responsible for the coordinated management of the team, code reviews and talent acquisition
  • Implemented a Dropbox like real time document syncing/upload utility for automatically syncing scanned documents from the client machine to the ECM system
  • Interviewed 20+ engineering candidates
Jul 2010 - Apr 2011

Assistant Systems Engineer

  • R&D and sustenance of the automated upgrade and patching tool for the Nortel Ericsson CDMA network.
  • Prototyping for porting legacy client server application as a Cloud service. Involved extensive planning of the architecture design, gap analysis between the existing tool and the desired enhancement.
Jun 2009 - Jan 2010

Campus Ambassador and Intern

Sun Microsystems
  • Conducted tech-talks and workshops on open source Sun technologies at campus.
  • Coordinated and guided Sun OSUM(Open Source University Meetup) leaders across West Bengal and Orissa
  • Worked on the Image packaging system(Package manager) for the OpenSolaris operating system.



Academic Achievements

• B.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering, CGPA: 9.18

• Stood in the department top five.

• Sun Microsystems Campus ambassador and the President of Sun Club, NIT Durgapur

• President, Sun Club, NIT Durgapur

• Web moderator GNU/Linux user’s group (GLUG) NIT Durgapur.

• Volunteer for Institute of Open Technology and Application (IOTA) NITD Cell, a ministry of IT, Govt of West Bengal initiative to evangelize free software in public schools and offices.


• MED System, EMS and Expertly (Professional). Enterprise Web applications using technologies like Spring and Struts MVC, Spring DI, Spring security, JSF and Prime-faces, Spring REST and Webscript.

CodeCracker (Google code). Worked in a team of five to develop this fully automated online programming contest judge system for NIT Durgapur. (Unix system programming in Python, PHP and MySQL). 

QFlicks (Github). A one of a kind Movie Cataloger available as Chrome extension

Sails-Angular-Photobucket (Github). An image content management system developed with Sails.js,Angular.js, and PostgreSql

Skills and Languages

• Java and J2EE involving Spring Framework, Apache projects, Struts MVC, JSF, REST and SOAP based web services using Spring REST, RESTeasy, Multithreaded back-end systems

• Spring Data and JPA, MySQL/PostgreSQL, Hibernate and Mybatis, MongoDB, Aerospike, SQL Server 2008 and Oracle 10g

• Messaging systems like ActiveMQ and Kafka, JMS API

• Apache Tomcat, JBoss, Maven, GIT, Jenkins and Sonar

• Alfresco ECM and Activiti BPM

• SOLR and Lucene

• Server side javascript: NodeJs, SailsJs and ExpressJs

• UI development using JQuery, AngularJS, Primefaces, CSS3, Bootstrap, Bower and Grunt.