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Work experience

Dec 2012May 2013


Society for Electronic Transactions and Security [SETS]

As a Security Student, I have been deployed in Various classified Projects and developed an approach for Vulnerability assessment and Penetration testing of applications, and worked in application security research group, Advance Facility for Information Security and Cryptology (AFISC) at SETS.

Responsibilities :

1. Real time study on vulnerabilities.

2.Study on OWASP webgoat and Various threats.

3.Analysed a open source pentesting framework and incorporated some customization according to the SDLC- process.


Aug 2011May 2013

Master of Technology

SRM University

Project : Improving Database Confidentiality Using OnionsThe Project Concentrates on improving the confidentiality of the database that makes even a stolen database to be merely unbreakable to brute-force attack

Sep 2007May 2011

Bachelor of Engineering

Vinayaka Missions University [AVIT]

Project : Vulnerability Discovery using Attack Injection Tool The project uses the attack injection tool that has been used by the hackers to breach the security. The same is used here to auto-learn the vulnerability present in it by stimulating the attack environment .



Operating Systems : Windows/Linux

Programing in C/C++ , GO, HTML, Python, Javascript.

Application Security - have knowledge on OWASP top 10, SANS 25, OWASP ASVS

Acunetix, Burpsuite, Backtrack, Nessus, Skipfish and various other Open source tools

Cyber Forensic tools Encase, CyberCheck, DDR etc.