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Multi-skilled technical architect with comprehensive experience of designing, developing and deploying commercial software architecture . Possessing a proven ability to both contribute individually and lead project teams to successfully deliver high performance , highly available and secure solutions of the highest quality, often in complex and challenging customer environments .

Work experience

Software Architect

Amdocs uk ltd
Nov 2014Present

C++,SQL(Oracle),Unix(HPUX),Python ,Linux (RHEL), Apache , PHP , REST APIs ,Storage:Local/NFS-SAN,NAS,Cloud

Special Expertise

  • Solution Architecture and Design from Idea Initiation phase
  • Design Authority for Rating, Billing and Mediation projects
  • Performance Architecture 
  • Technical go-to person for solution and design 
  • Programming complex algorithms and solutions
  • Technical Program Management of Large and Complex projects/products 

Conceived ( new ideas and re-architecture for optimisation ), managed and led build and deployment of various Business Critical and Operational Requirement. I currently act as

  • Principal Design Authority for Postpaid Rating Systems  ( Amdocs Rating)
  • Advisory Designer for Billing, CRM and Mediation Systems and
  • Main Focal for Operational Capacity , Scalability and Performance Architecture and Re-architecture .


  • Producing coherent technical proposals that meets the customer requirements.
  • Designing and specifying medium and large software systems.
  • Programming and Debugging complex Algorithms and solutions
  • Open Source Products and Code evaluation and adoption ( requiring judgement necessary to choose the best solution - considering ROI - to complex problems)
  • Mentoring and guiding less experienced consultants.
  • Leading teams in the design of new applications, configuration of system upgrades and development of new programming tools.
  • Managing development cycle and post production enhancements ensuring quality product and motivated team members
  • Management of Cross-Functional Teams ensuring smooth delivery during the Project cycle , which includes design , development , infrastructure and production support team.
  • Meeting clients face to face.
  • Building relationships with clients, technical teams and external contractors.
  • Managing development of documentation to meet client expectations.
  • Addressing RFPs and assist sales with RFP responses.
  • Architecting and designing software solutions for various problem types.
  • Working on extremely high volume transactional systems requiring low latency and high availability.
  • Architecting legacy systems to modern and better optimised systems to be used as strategic solution for various existing applications.
  • Leading Performance Architecture and Re-architecture, Gap Analysis and Optimisation for Variety of Applications (Frontend , Backend , Database ) , Functional Areas  ( Operations , Infrastructure , New Development , Real Time Monitoring and Alerting) and Business Domains (Postpaid Rating , Mediation , Billing , CRM )
  • Translation of  technical jargon to Business language and vice-versa to ensure sync between Business Need and Development.
  • Understanding of databases and data modelling / design techniques .
  • Creating presentation for both technical and Business teams
  • Consultation on h/w , OS , software version adoption .


  • One of the Lead Design Authorities in delivery of  4G ( LTE , VoLTE, SoLTE , VoWifi) Offerings for my current client ( EE UK)
  • Lead Design Authority for Re-architecturing storage and hardware for Mediation system. Programmed some complex ASN1 encoders and decoders during the project.
  • Lead Architect in various Regulatory Projects for my current client ( EE UK)
  • End-to-End Owner (Architecture ,Design and Development ) of Flexible Reporting solutions over the LAMP stack .
  • Architect and Lead Programmer for Business Critical Time-to-Market project requiring complex solution design and programming to develop tools and portals to delivery offerings to market in the earliest possible time. 
  • Scalability Architect for Capacity Forecast and Planning . 
  • Architect for Strategic Near-real time data availability to BI Transformation Project.

Development Expert

Nov 2011Oct 2014

C++,SQL(Oracle),Unix(HPUX),Python ,Linux (RHEL), Apache , PHP

Special Expertise

  • Operations - Critical Path Performance Optimisations and Problem Rectification Designing (High Level Design)
  • Programming 
  • Debugging


I was promoted and became the youngest Development Expert on site amongst a team of highly experienced programmers and experts. I was responsible for scaling up and optimisation of various critical path processes in Rating and Mediation system and lead a team to solve/develop multiple critical revenue impacting problems and enhancements.This was the period of rapid technical development as I led the Performance taskforce to uplift the system throughput to more than 400% in a production environment of  Billions of records per day.I was established and recognised as one of the top programmers in the division.

I acted as principal contacts with various interfacing systems -( BACS , Banks , Revenue Assurance , Credit Risk , Account Payable , SAP , Accounts Receivable, print shop ,IVR , self-service , SOA middleware  , Data warehouse, network switches )during this period.

Major Projects during my tenure as development expert.

  • Unix to Linux Transformation projects
    • As my first assignment as development expert in 2011-12, I led the very first Unix to Linux transformation project as Technical Lead for Deployment to Live Production . The project was highly technical project involving high level of planning for both hardware and software changes . Clients benefitted with increased throughput and reduce licensing costs . 
    • Acted as advisor in the second similarly scaled transformation project starting in mid 2013
  • Led Performance task-force for uplifting Mediation and Rating systems throughput by ~400% starting in mid 2013 . This involved detailed analysis on threads, system calls , tcp/udp packets , database interactions  , IOPS ,memory consumption etc.  Overall output of this year long project was major processing uplift in these two systems without any significant h/w or software spend. 

Senior Subject Matter Expert

Amdocs UK Ltd
Sep 2010Oct 2011


Special Expertise

  • Designing (High Level and Low Level Detailed Programming Design)
  • Programming 
  • Debugging

Moved back to  working in Telecom Billing Domain , with added Customer Facing responsibilities. Extended my involvement in Revenue Management (specially accounting modules ) during my tenure here. I became the lead in both Billing and Finance Modules for design , development and operations during this tenure. Exposure to Operations and Production systems helped me develop into a very performance ,scalability and security centric programmer and solution designer.  I was recognised as a key contributor on-site amongst a team of highly experienced seniors .

Application Engineer

Oracle india pvt. ltd. - bangalore india
Aug 2009Aug 2010

C++ , Visual Studio 

Special Expertise

  • Solution Designing (High and Low Level Detailed Programming Design)
  • Programming 
  • Debugging

Worked in Siebel Product Development team in Oracle Healthsciences Global Business Unit . Designed and Developed several product plugins from CAB wishlist of leading pharma companies on Siebel CTMS and AEM products. 

Senior Subject Matter Expert

Jun 2008Aug 2009



Special Expertise

  • Designing (Low Level Detailed Programming Design)
  • Programming 
  • Debugging

Continued working in Telecom Billing Domain , with added responsibility of producing Detailed Design for fellow team mates . Was increasingly involved in solution design and decisions ,not only for the specific project but also for other projects across the organisation in the same domain . Was recognised as a valuable contributor in technical and business domain relating to Billing area. 

Subject Matter Expert 

Amdocs Development Centre -Pune, India & Limassol Cyprus 
Jul 2006Jun 2008

C,C++,COBOL,SQL(Oracle),Unix(HPUX),TSQL(MS SQLServer),VB

Special Expertise

  • Programming 
  • Debugging

Worked as Programmer in Telecom Billing Domain ,majorly for Sprint(US) and also for T-Mobile(UK) for various projects. Owned and took accountability of successful delivery of many complicated projects - (a) On Demand Billing Simulator and (b) IPDR Billing ,being two biggest development (in terms of requirement criticality and complexity) . Earned Recognition Certificates for my contribution toward the project.

Software Intern

Delhi Metro Railway Corporation
Apr 2005Jun 2005

ASP ,VBScript, JavaScript, MS Access

Designed and developed intranet web-portal single-handed which was put to use by the IT Department of Organisation deployed on MS PWS(Personal Web Server).

Portal Features

  • Secure Login with different privilege levels
  • Inventory Management and Inventory Register
  • Employee Directory (with search by name,department or number)
  • Departmental portals 
  • Complaint Handling - Logging Complaint , Progress audit and closure 


Computer Science and Engineering (Hons)

National Institute of Technology Durgapur
Aug 2002Jun 2006

Studied Computer Science and Engineering from one of elite Engineering Colleges in India and was ranked in top 10 

During the course of my Degree , I was associated with following professional bodies in the University

  • Center for Cognitive Activites, Convener and Head - 2005/2006
  • Aarohan, Convener and Head -2006
  • NSS - Head, Software Committee - 2005/2006
  • ISTE - Executive Member - 2003/2004



OOPs Concepts, Data Structures , STL , Boost , Casablanca , GDB , Electric-Fence , Valgrind 

RELATIONAL database 




Shell - Linux/Unix

Shell Scripting , bash,kash,awk,perl,sed

Web Technologies

LAMP Stack , IIS , Python , .NET ,Casablanca ,REST APIs (Dreamfactory , AWS , Azure)

domain knowledge

Telecom Billing  , Rating , Mediation , CRM 

Design Tools

Visio , Enterprise Architect , ,open and online wireframing tools


Application and System Analysis using strace,lsof,nmon parsing,thread dumps,throughput , memory profiling,hexdump ,disassembly

Mobile APP

Xcode,Xamarin Studio ,Appcelartor Studio

Cloud infrastructure

AWS , Azure

Other software skills and exposure

C  , COBOL , VB , Timesten , Berkley DB ,  ASN1 ,NOSQL 

communication skiils

Excellent written and Verbal communication skill

problem solving

Strong Analytical Problem Solving skill








Available on Request