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Public Speaking
Features Writing
Write articles covering a wide range of isses affecting the local community and students at school


I think integrity as not only an individual but especially as a writer is crucial to have. I have had to build up a line of creditability and trust with the students on campus making them feel comfortable being about to talk to me about sensitive issues. It’s difficult to get students to communicate what matters. There are those uncomfortable truths that reporters try to reveal but there is an ethical line of integrity that must be in place. No student wants their reputation tarnish, especially on an online publication that follows them for the rest of their life. I have made my goal to not jeopardize someone’s trust in me and try to portray them in the best light possible. Maintaining that integrity personally means more than having the most scathing expose published under my name. There are blurred lines in journalism but I have been cautious of crossing them. Integrity to me also means having an amount of personal responsibility and ownership over ones shortcomings. If an article is not completed on time at the very least I believe I owe it to the staff and my editor to acknowledge my mistake and not justify it with excuses. Integrity is also following through and making up for something if it was not completed. Integrity essentially is the very core of my character and if I didn’t have that developed as a person than my word as a writer and speaker means nothing.

About myself

I am a senior at Foothill Technology high school and current staff writer on the Foothill Dragon Press. I have been a features writer for two years and most recently have begun writing columns. I'm president of my speech and debate team and attend weekly tournaments where I enjoy discussing various domestic and foreign policy issues. I will attending UC Riverside in the fall as a political science and international relations major where I then plan on going to law school. 

Personal Initiative

I showed initiative in the very beginning of this year when I became aware of the local protest happening at the government center. I notified my editor that I was going to go cover it and have a story, photos, and video, ready to be published by the next day. After three hours of observing the protest, I interviewed various sources of all ages not limiting myself to just students who attended Foothill. To the best of my abilities I took several photos and video clips so the story could accurately give off the emotions of the event. The next day I contacted three Syrian American students at Foothill and interviewed them for individual profiles. The entire package went up within three days. I took it upon myself to cover a story that otherwise would not have received attention regardless of its importance. I believe it added a relevant political issue to the site making students more aware of a different perspective. 


  • Competitive public speaking and debating.

-I have been a member of Foothill Technology High Schools Speech and Debate team for three years. I currently am serving as the team’s secretary and next year will be president. I attend weekly tournaments competing in public forum and parliamentary debate along with international and national extemporaneous speaking.

  • Mentoring through Ventura Unified Migrant Education program

- I coach students through a bilingual debate and speaking program preparing them for a competitive tournament. Together we practice argumentation and speaking skills and do extensive research into the years assigned topic. Ultimately the goal is to instill confidence and give validation through accomplishment.

  • Volunteer Experience at Dorothy Boswell

-I assist in special education classrooms helping students and teachers with day to day tasks. I have an interest in helping those with disabilities and plan on doing something with special education in my future career.

Work experience


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