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Work experience


General Manager

Portland General Electric Company

Provide leadership and guidance to employees and managers on regulatory and environmental matters associated with operations of a utility.

Managing a staff of 48 professionals including biologists and engineers to keep the utilities practices in compliance with environmental laws and regulations. Develop training programs for all employees to comply with regulatory requirements. Develop procedures and practices within the Company to assist with compliance.

Company portfolio includes Gas, Coal, hydro, Wind and Solar generations as well as Transmission and distribution systems.

Interact with stakeholders and help in developing a solution that would address environmental issues in the best interest of the communities we serve, our customers, shareholders and employees.

Maintain a well-trained core of environmental professionals; promote standards and practices within the Company that are consistent with being a good steward of the environment.

Provide credible advice and leadership and stay informed on environmental issues and legislation and identify how these trends could influence our business.

Civil Engineer IV/Project manager

Project Manager for the permitting process of a new 650 MW gas fired generation plant (Port Westward). Coordination of different aspects of the development by interacting with local and state regulatory and evaluating the budget impact on the proposed facility. Negotiating requirements with County and state officials and acquiring an enterprise zone classification for the generating facility.

Permitting and due diligence of a 400MW wind farm (Biglow Canyon) located in Morrow County over 25000 acres of agricultural land.

Project engineer for Hydro and Thermal generating facilities, providing civil and structural designs, engineering, engineering inspections and project administration associated with construction, modification, and maintenance of the Companies hydroelectric, gas turbine, and coal fired generation plants.


Hydro Engineer


Project engineer on various Hydro generation projects in the northwest, located in Oregon and Washington. Projects included Water quality monitoring stations, bridge design and project and construction management. Design and implement road repairs, installation of docks and boat ramps for recreational resources.



Pooyesh Engineering

Senior project manager, responsible for design and construction of commercial and residential building complexes in a design/build environment. All aspects of the project from design, permitting and contract management, construction oversight completed as part of the project.

Technical Adviser and representative for Reckli GmbH (German Company) in Iran on structural Concrete Forms and chemical additives for concrete and epoxy floors.


Engineer II

Portland General Electric Company

Trojan Nuclear Power Plant – Nuclear Plant Engineering group. Analysis of various supports structures for mechanical and electrical systems. Time History studies for seismic evaluation of structures. Implementation of Nuclear Regulatory Code as it applied to structural integrity.



Microsoft Productas


Mike Schwartz

Kevin Marshall

PGE Commercial

Volunteerism and Board Services

  • American Heart Association – Volunteered for the past 10 years to help raise funds and participated in the Heart Walk.
  • Appointed to Board of Directors for The Oregon Climate Trust and National Climate Trust.
  • Elected as Secretary of the Board for both organizations in 2011
  • Appointed to Board of Diretors Deshutes River Conservancy in 2014