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Work experience

Laboratory Engineer

Tripoli University
Libya Civil Engineering Department, Soil and rock mechanics laboratory Laboratory Engineer involving scientific support and technical writing for industrial purposes

Assistant Lecturer

Tripoli University
Libya Assistant Lecturer in Environmental Engineering; Engineering Geology; Groundwater Resources. Responsible for supervising undergraduate civil engineering students during their final year projects

Teaching Assistant

Loughborough University
Laboratory and Tutorial Teaching Assistant for Geotechnical Engineering and Engineering Geology Main activities Group problem solving in the form of class tutorials Assessment of undergraduate course work performance by marking assignments Assisting in comprehension of the experimental side of the knowledge gained from classes

Research Assistant

Loughborough University
Department of Civil and Building Engineering, Geotechnical research group Research Assistant working to provide solutions for waste management and water resources to utility companies. Developed a reliable landfill design framework that considered the integrity of clay liner, which was extended to investigate the possibility of progressive failure occurrences this was done by: using a range of techniques for soil testing and analysis providing recommendations for management of any incidence of contamination monitoring landfill engineering operations supporting development of third stream activities and research research to determine feasible communication between aspects of the project contributing to open days and national and international recruitment processes


Teknica Ltd
Researcher at. London Consulted on projects worth£ 100 million looking into resolution of various environmental problems for major oil companies and governments. These involved the implementation of clay liners as a contaminant containing method in the clean up procedures for contaminated soils as a result of oil spillage as well as ground water contamination in North Africa.

Senior Lecturer In Environmental Engineering

Sirte University, Libya
Senior Lecturer in Environmental Engineering; Groundwater Resources and Engineering Geology. Helped to modernise the department by providing current research

Geo-Environmental Engineer

Equator Technology Ltd
Nuneaton, UK Working as geo-environmental engineer responsible for developing experimental studies of contaminated land sites as well as carrying out risk assessments.



Tripoli University


Tripoli University


Manchester University

PHD Doctorate

Loughborough University


external funding
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