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Functional software engineer with an impulsive and sporadic mind who believes in providing simple solutions to complex problems and a team player who believes in collaboration and is always willing to learn anything from anybody.


Front end development

React, Redux, Flux, Relay, Web-sockets,  electronjs, Styled-components, HTML, SASS, CSS, BEM, Webpack, ES6, Type checking (flow), Service workers, web workers

Back end development

Api development , Node.js , GraphQl , AWS, GCP, Docker


Couchdb, Mongodb, Firebase, Google data store


Javascript, python, typescript


Functional programming, OOP, Design patterns, Algorithms, Data structures, Version control (GIT), Test/Behavior driven development, Continuous integration, Continuous development, Mono repositories and Micro services.


Bazel build, Lerna, Scrum, Vim, Linux, Mac  ,Windows, Cisco networking, shell scripting, bazel

Work experience

April 2015present

Software Developer (Remote)

Jam technologies

Development of high speed realtime sports trading software achieving latency of up to 80ms round trip.

Development of software interface and architecture.

Development of sports arbitrage software between multiple exchanges / sports book.

Development of cross platform desktop software based on electron js

Feb 2012Dec 2012

Network Administrator

Sec - concepts

Router and Switch troubleshooting and maintenance.

July 2011Nov 2011

BSS Engineer

Huawei Technologies

Monitoring base stations.

Escalating issues to site engineers and creation of trouble tickets