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Personal Profile

I' am the person who looks to the problem from different angle and with creative view.

I aim to use anything with the best way to get the most possible results.

I always use the logical way to analyze the problem to its main objects to solve it.

If I love my job I’ll give it my best to make it the best.

I aim to be a part of company team to achieve its goals.

also i like and love to make creative advertisements. 



Diploma of "power station operation by renewable energy  

Mansoura University

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering 

Mansoura University


The Graduation Project "Designing and operating a power station with assistance of solar energy".

Work experience


Mechanical Engneer


Fiber Forming Engineer

responsible for production of fiber glass  and the maintains of troubleshooting

and make experiences on fiber glass samples .  

TRAINING history 

1- International training workshop on wind and solar energy application technology inner magnolia institute of science and technology co-operation and innovation development in CHINA

It was organize by the international cooperation ministry of science and technology in China.

2-Belayim Petroleum Company: training on operation of gas station and maintenance of compressor and turbine.

3-EGYPTIAN natural Gas Co (GASKO): training on Natural gas extraction and Pipe line Maintenance and its component.

4-Mercedes-Benz (MCV): training on learning mechanical parts of car engine and Maintenance of mechanical engine parts.

5-Delta Fertilizers and Chemical Company: training on Pumps Maintenance and operation.

6-Egyptian IRON &STEEL COMPANY: training on boiler operation and maintenance


General skills


Team leader.

Fast learning.

Work under pressure

computer skills 

Office 2010 & 2013.


I was the leader of "smile Team" in my colleague we made a lot of excellent events.

We made event for Professor "Muhammad Goname" & Dr "Ahmed Emara".

We was a part of the organization of event for Professor "Ahmed Zewail".

This give me the ability to work under pressure, working with team and to deal with very difficult people