Abdulrazak kaleeh

  • Istanbul
Abdulrazak kaleeh

Work experience

Work experience

worked a women's clothes sale in a store

worked a jweleries sale in a retail store 

Consolidate customer relations and communications

Distribute tasks and responsibilities among the staff

Coordinating staffs' matters

HR related works, fees and salaries

Teach the new employees thetype of customer and how to work with them

2011 - Present

Marketing manager of international center for marketing                Aleppo branch – Syria( industrial , building and statistical sections)

2008 - Present

worked as deputy marketing manager of Luxury group   Aleppo – Syria  Coordinator of sales in luxury magazin & mall. Be on tuoche with customer for the sesigns and placs .


2012 - Present

Undergraduate Bachelor of Economics Department of  business management  –   Faculty of  Economic. University of Aleppo  -  Syria, Score: 79.5%.



Work under pressure

Time Management & flexibility

Management & Negotiation skills

Fast learning and Communication skills

Team work and Leadership skills

Ability to supply the field of work with new and creative ideas

Wide knowledge in economic cases

Operating systems: Windows XP, Vista, Seven

Microsoft OFFICE 2013

English Trade Correspondence. 

Ameen Accounting Program.

The science of speed reading.

The science of speed studying.

Foreign Language

                              Reading                        Writing                             Speaking                   Learned Place

Arabic                  Expert                           Expert                               Expert                        Home Language

Turkish               Medium                        Medium                            Medium                     Course

English               Good                               Good                                 Good                           Course