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Author of the widely successful Startup Idea Discovery book (Arabic book) with an Agreement with Aramco to print 1million copies of it.

Passionate about continuous self-learning, creating startups, and social good. Helped educate tens of thousands in the areas of entrepreneurship & scientific research.

Entrepreneurial efforts

  • Mntrni Mobile App: A mentoring platform connecting entrepreneurs with mentors to facilitate the exchange of knowledge & expertise. The platform is in it's beta testing stage with a good public reception and a growing number of mentors requesting to join.
  • An educational website (+7500 registered members) teaching the basics of entrepreneurship and sharing great lessons and experiences through video courses, resources, and articles.
  • A scientific research education platform (+25000 registered members and half a million social followers) helping early researchers in understanding the basics of scientific research. The platform is aiming to monazite by offering subscription access to a wide range of online video courses.

Public Speaking (Brief)

I've had the pleasure & honour to speak at some excellent innovation & entrepreneurship related events including:

  • LeanCamp London (March, 2014): As the first Saudi to share my experience at such an important international event, I talked about, how it started, its huge impact, and its future direction.
  • GEW Mobt3th, Brunel University, London (2014): Shared key information on important skills as part of the Global Entrepreneurship Week.
  • IEStartup, Makkah (2014): I ran a workshop on getting innovative ideas to market with a few colleagues for a number of inventors from Umm AlQura University, to help them think and plan the commercialization stage of their innovations which are being patented.
  • The First Quality & Excellence in Higher Education Forum, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (Feb, 2014): I presented a talk on Innovation in Higher Education while giving some example of innovative ideas/things being done within certain Saudi universities.
  • LeapStartup, London (2013): Workshop on startups and the Lean Startup Methodology as part of the IESummer program in the UK.
  • IEForum UQU, Makkah (2013): My experiences and encouraging social initiatives. The video can be viewed here.

Work History

April 2016Present

Founder & President

Innovation Ventures.

Innovation Ventures is an expertise firm operating within King Abdulaziz University. We provide consulting and solutions in Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Technology.

Sep 2016Present

General Manager of the Creativity & Entrepreneurship Center

King Abdulaziz University

Responsibilities include running awareness programs and events to spread the culture of innovation & entrepreneurship within the university.

Jan 2016Jan 2017

Consultant to the Vice President of Business and Knowledge Creativity

King Abdulaziz University

To help run innovation & entrepreneurship initiatives and programs in the university.

Jan 2016Present

Assistant Professor of Business Administration

King Abdulaziz University
Feb 2014Feb 2015

Member of the Consulting Committee for Bin Ladin's Chair for Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Umm AlQura University

I was invited by UQU to be a member of the consulting committee which include members from the university top management as well as entrepreneurs from different fields.

Sep 2009Present

Founder (Formerly DrHariri Research Blog) is an online education startup aiming to educate and spread the awareness of scientific research in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region by publishing online interactive courses, articles, and resources through it's online platform. With over half a million following the Facebook page alone and thousands of registrations since the beta launch, strives to change the shape of education in the MENA region for the better in the next two years. Courses and resources are in Arabic.

Feb 2015Feb 2016

Deputy General Manager of the Quality Management Administration

King Abdulaziz University

We oversee the development of proper quality assurance and quality management & improvement systems and approaches within the university while working as consultants with all the departments within the university.

Jan 2012Jan 2016


Pitch 2 Mentor Social Initiative

Mentoring entrepreneurs in the ME in areas related to IT, Social Media Marketing, and idea testing/validation.

Sep 20072013

Quality & I.T Consultant

Quality & Excellence Consultant

QEConsultant is one of the leading expertise firm in Saudi Arabia in the Quality Management area. Through them, I work with various public and private organizations as a consultant.

Sep 20022013

Web Designer


I've started working on and designing websites a long time ago while working with staff members within King Abdulaziz University and other clients. I've started doing this as a freelancer through Smart Solutions, an online virtual company. Recently, Smart Solutions (See below) was registered as an expertise firm at King Abdulaziz University, to continue working on projects under an official umbrella.


Jan 2010Jan 2014

PhD in Engineering (Diffusion of Innovations)

University of Warwick

I've done my PhD at Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG), one of the leading research groups around the world with strong ties with the business world (Jaguar, Range Rover, Tata, Formula one). The University of Warwick is one of the top UK universities, consistently being ranked as one of the top 5 or top 10 universities in the UK.

My thesis discussed the topic of innovation diffusion with an application/validation of an adoption model within the UK higher education sector.

Jan 2008Jan 2009

MSc in Business Excellence (Engineering)

University of Warwick

Subjects studied included Six Sigma, EFQM, Leadership, Project Management, e-Business, e-CRM. The final dissertation was a study on the implementation of Six Sigma in Saudi Arabian Organizations. I got distinction on the dissertation for its quality.

Sep 2004Sep 2007

BSc (Management Information Systems)

Business Administration

BSc in Management Information Systems from the Business Administration school at King Abdulaziz University.

Research Publications (Journals)