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Eng.Abdulqader Ali

Abdulqader Ali

Education background and Qualification:

Sep 2008Jun 2014

Bachelor of Chemical Engineering.

University of Jordan.

Bachelor of Chemical Engineering from Faculty of Engineering and Technology at University of Jordan 2008-2014, Good rating, with an accumulative average 2.5/4.

May 2004

General Secondary Education certificate.

Abdulaziz Alrabea secondary school.

General Secondary Education certificate for 2004 with 95.53 % as an average, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Aug 2014Present

Technical Process Engineer.

Techno Paints Business Co

Working as a Technical Process Engineer in Quality Control laboratory (QC) and Quality Assurance (QA) departments.


Arabic language.
English language.
French language.
Microsoft operating systems.
XP, Vista, windows 7 & 8.1.
Microsoft office.
Ms Excel, Ms Word, Ms PowerPoint and Ms Visio.
Sending and receiving reports by e-mails, research and communication
The latest versions of chemical engineering program.
MATLAB, ChemSep, Chemcad, HYSIS, C++ programming language ,Cape Open Simulator and thermodynamic package, Thermo solver, Control Station ,Polymath , EZ ,Cap Cost and MATHCAD.
Personal Abilities.
Patient, work under pressure and to learn easily. (Kung Fu course)


Mustaq Ahmed.

Q.C.Manager. Techno Paints Business Co. Tel: +966 6365660. Emai:[email protected]

Ali Ahmed Bin Mahfouz.

Executive Manager. Techno Paints Business Co. Tel: +966 6365660. Email:[email protected]

Ghaleb J. Sweis.

Professor. University of Jordan. Faculty of Engineering and Technology (civil engineering). Tel: +962 79 907 2828. Email:[email protected]

Motasem Saidan.

Assistant Professor. University of Jordan Faculty:Faculty of Engineering and Technology (chemical engineering). Tel: +962 77 7680086. Email:[email protected]


Mar 2013Mar 2013

Water Desalination Course.

Jordan Engineers Association (The Youth Engineers Committee \ Chemical Engineering Division)
Jan 2013Jan 2013

Process design for graduation projects Course.

The student union in the University of Jordan.
Nov 2012Dec 2012

Occupational Safety Course.

Jordan Engineers Association (JEA).
Jun 2010Jun 2010

A+ course.

University of Jordan (Internet & Computer Club).


Seeking to be an excellent chemical engineer in the field of process engineering, where I have a very good academic background related to all topics, specifications and considerations which related to this field where I 'm interested and where I like to achieve my ambitions.

Graduation Project:

‘’ PRODUCTION OF POWDER DETERGENT’’, supervised by Dr. Motasem Saidan.

This project covers the final design which was done for the production of linear alkyl benzene sulfonate, sulfuric acid, and powder detergent plant, the materials of the finished products were selected due to properties and cost of each one and the composition of each material were taken from the best experimental and theoretical values, the flow sheet that is being used in this project were selected due to its simplicity and the large production rate.


Having 100 ton/day production basis of powder detergent, material and energy balances were done on each equipment’s to know the quantity of each component in all streams, these calculations helps to get a preliminary design for each equipment, including sizing and mechanical design.


The safety study was made for the project, and there are some hazardous materials that should be handled carefully. Using the design calculations, cost of the equipment was estimated and then profitability analysis was done and it was indicated that the payback period is 2.3 years, with an annual profit of $10,214,643 so it is feasible to proceed with it.


Cleaner production is a preventive, company-specific environmental protection initiative. It is intended to minimize waste and emissions and maximize product output. Cleaner production used of packed bed reactor and save the heat in this project. By heat recovery the money is saved by year is $649,440, and decreasing amount of sulfur dioxide out of packed bed reactor by increasing the number of catalyst stages.


AL-RYAN site was found to be the most suitable location for the plant, which is located on THE REPUPLIC OF YEMEN in HADRAMOUT government because of investment encouragement laws and ease of getting raw materials.